Pablo Casado presents the Basque PP candidates in Vitoria today

Pablo Casado presents the Basque PP candidates in Vitoria today

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, participates today in Vitoria in the political act of presentation of the Basque candidates of his party to the provincial and municipal elections to be held in May of next year.

The leader of the popular will be accompanied, in addition to the list heads, by the staff of the party in Euskadi and its president Alfonso Alonso, have informed sources of this training.

It is not the first time that Casado visits Vitoria. It already did last August in full parties of the city when they were still recent the primary ones in the PP, in which the popular Basques had shown in a majority way their predilection by exvicepresidenta Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría.

Today Casado will present at an event to be held in a hotel in Vitoria to head the list of his party for the regional elections, whose names are already known: in Álava, Iñaki Oyarzábal, president of the party in this territory, will run for deputy general, and Leticia Comerón, as mayor of Vitoria.

In Bizkaia, the current general secretary of the Basque PP, Amaya Fernández, will be the candidate for general deputy, and Raquel González, president of the popular Biscayan, mayor of Bilbao.

In Gipuzkoa at the moment only the candidate for mayor of San Sebastian has been decided, which will be chosen by the party's president in the territory, Borja Semper, and it remains to be known the name of the person who will lead the list to the General Assembly .


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