July 29, 2021

Pablo Casado dresses as a penitent and procession during Holy Week in Ávila

Pablo Casado dresses as a penitent and procession during Holy Week in Ávila

The president of the Popular Party and head of the list of the party for Madrid in the general elections, Pablo Casado, has participated in the Holy Week of Avila. Married has processed with the Brotherhood of Students of Avila, as it has done in other occasions. "One more year with my Brotherhood", commented the leader on Twitter, in a message in which he has attached a picture of him dressed as a penitent.

The participation of politicians in the acts of Holy Week is usual. Last year, the former ministers of Defense, Interior and Justice with the PP Government -María Dolores de Cospedal, Juan Ignacio Zoido and Rafael Catalá- included in their official agendas religious acts of Holy Week. Catalá attended an act of pardon to a prisoner, Cospedal attended the procession of the Brotherhood Sacramental and Framed Brotherhoods of Malaga and Zoido was decorated by the Brotherhood of Jesus the Rich and the Brotherhood of the Atonement of Malaga.

The peculiarity of this Holy Week is that it coincides, for the first time, with the electoral campaign of the general elections, which officially was established this Friday, the 12th, the "Friday of Dolores" in the cofrade calendar. The Asociation Europe Laica has asked the Central Electoral Board that politicians can not participate, institutionally, in the thousands of processions that are celebrated in this time to preserve neutrality.

According to the organization, there is an "inadmissibility of the participation of public officials in religious events and processions that are held during Holy Week and coincide with the electoral period", even more so when it comes to candidates, understand that the Church-State separation and neutrality must be demanded and guaranteed. "


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