October 28, 2020

Pablo Casado demands “the immediate cessation” of Minister Alberto Garzón for his criticism of the king

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has appeared this Saturday via streaming to close the Summer School of the PP of Aragon together with the regional president, Luis María Beamonte. In the speech, the popular leader pointed out that “more than 40 years ago Spain knew how to make an exemplary political transition” that is now being weakened by a government that “intentionally encourages fractures, radicalisms and discord.” “When that is done in the middle of the health crisis, more than irresponsibility is desertion,” he added.

The popular leader has also made reference to the tweet in which Alberto Garzón said that “the position of a hereditary monarchy that maneuvers against the democratically elected government, thereby breaching the constitution that imposes its neutrality, while being applauded by the extreme right is simply unsustainable. ”

“Neutrality not only does not advise against, but demands and presupposes the defense of the institutions themselves. Being part of a Government does not provide any shield to attack the institutions, especially against those before which the position has been promised with loyalty to the King The PP therefore demands the immediate dismissal of Minister Alberto Garzón and we will take to the General Parliament the disapproval of Vice President Pablo Iglesias for his attacks on the Head of State, “said Casado. “We will register the urgent appearance of Pedro Sánchez as the only person responsible for having in the Government a party accused of irregular financing, a defender of the Venezuelan tyranny, nostalgic for communist barbarism and an ally of the executors of ETA terrorism and the Catalan independentists” adds the politician.


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