November 27, 2020

Pablo Casado avoids taking a position on the referrals of migrants to the Peninsula and blames Sánchez for promoting a “pull effect”

After a problem with air connections to El Hierro, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, ended up visiting Arguineguín this Saturday on a planned trip to address the migration crisis that the Canary Islands are going through. The opposition leader has avoided taking a position regarding the referrals of migrants to the Peninsula. Asked about this matter that has raised suspicions between the Ministry of the Interior and the regional government, Casado has proposed repatriations as a solution to the blockade of migrants in the Islands. “A good part of the people who are arriving are from Morocco, so it is easier to expel them,” he said.

Casado arrived at the pier, which currently houses some 800 people, at around 12:30 pm. After a brief conversation with the National Police and some Red Cross volunteers, he spoke to the media in the company of the mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno (Ciuca), and the president of the PP in the Canary Islands, Australia Navarro.

The opposition leader has blamed the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, for causing a “call effect” by receiving the Aquarius at the beginning of his term.

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