Pablo Casado and a PP deputy charge against Rigoberta Bandini: "Less feminist rants"

Rigoberta Bandini has become one of the great protagonists of the benidorm festthat tonight celebrate their grand finale live on the 1 of TVE.

In addition to the Catalan Chanel, Tantxugueiras and Varry Brava are the big favorites to win the victory and represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest next May.

In the days before, Bandini has been one of the most headlines in the media has grabbedeven reaching the political sphere, in which the spontaneous support of the Minister for Equality has been won, Irene Monteroor of Gabriel Rufian.

How could it be otherwise, the parties on the right have wanted to take advantage of the situation to charge against the singer, who recently criticized vox.

Of People's Party has not said anything, but its president, Paul Marriedhas wanted to jump on the bandwagon of the singer's mediatic pull and criticize the feminist message of her song, 'Ay mama': "I would tell the ministers of We can who have made some statements today about a song that will also deal with the women who work in hostelry. Fewer feminist rants".

For her part, Edurne Uriarte, a PP deputy, has written a tweet where she tries to mix the artist with the independence movementwhen she has never expressed her political inclination in that sense: "Rigoberta Bandini and that dandruff feminism of 'the tits', a new reference for Irene Montero and the extreme left. Bandini is a Catalan who 'has a hard time feeling Spanish'".

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