June 13, 2021

Ozuna teams up with a sculptor to launch a collection of “infungible tokens”

San Juan, May 20 (EFE) .- The Puerto Rican urban artist Ozuna and the French sculptor Richard Orlinski will launch on May 28 a unique collection of “infungible tokens” (NFT) that incorporates art and music through the “gallery “Rarible online, provided by Zytara Labs.

“I have always had a great appreciation for art. Being able to collaborate now with an artist as respected as Orlinksi is an emotion and an inspiration,” Ozuna said in a press release released this Thursday.

“Working together and giving people our collaboration in a direct and unique way, we will continue to push the limits together and make art accessible”, the artist has remarked.

Ozuna, one of the world’s most popular singers and a Latin Grammy winner, made history earlier this year by becoming the first Latin recording artist to release an NFT collection.

These upcoming pieces of digital art, a collection titled “The Bear & Wild Kong”, are inspired by Orlinski’s artwork, most notably his Wild Kong sculpture and Ozuna’s famous “bear”.

“It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with Ozuna on this collection. Blockchain technology provides us with new opportunities to be creative, build bridges between different types of art and, most importantly, make art accessible to a greater number of people. people, which is a common goal that Ozuna and I share, “Orlinski added.

“This collection is the first step in a long-term artistic relationship between Ozuna and me,” said the artist.

The “El Oso & Wild Kong” collection will include a total of five pieces that will be available in limited quantities with one piece up for auction and the other three available at fixed prices.

The piece “Voiture” will have a limited edition of 500 limited quantities, “Trofeo” 100, “Portorico Calin” 100, “Stadium” 50 and “No Man’s Land edition 1 only one for auction.

This NFT installment will also include Orlinski’s original prints and sculptures.

NFTs are “crypto tokens” that function as unique pieces of information, unlike cryptocurrencies in which one bitcoin is the same as any other bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency on the market.

Instead, an NFT represents a unique work of art.

In this way, digital artists can sell their original works and can establish value in their pieces, which can be purchased by collectors who now have a property registry.


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