July 24, 2021

Oza's parricide ex continues to feel guilt and that he "can kill her"

Oza's parricide ex continues to feel guilt and that he "can kill her"

The mother of the child allegedly killed at the hands of her father in the town of Oza-Cesuras Coruña continues to feel guilty and that "at any time he can kill," said the psychologist attached to the program of care for victims of gender violence in the trial that takes place in the Provincial Court of A Coruña.

The psychologist who treats the mother since August 2017 indicated that on that date, three months after the death of her son, she was not yet aware of it: "She knows that it has happened but inwardly it is as if she did not realize it".

She said that she has a "feeling of extreme guilt" for what happened because she "feels guilty" for the child's death, as well as "panic and fear" for living on a "constant alert 24 hours a day," a fear that It was "previous" to the death of the child.

Having "very, very low self-esteem" and hiding information due to "fear that others may feel bad," explained the psychologist, are symptoms of abuse.

"It's as if she did not allow herself to understand that what she lived was a situation of abuse, responds to a profile of a mistreated woman," she said.

She continues to feel that "at any moment he can kill her" and assured that it is "difficult" for it to disappear with time, he concluded.

The doctors of the Imelga (Institute of Forensic Medicine of Galicia) who recognized the mother of the child with two interviews and psychometric tests, a psychologist, a social worker and a forensic doctor, observed a person "emotionally affected, with symptoms of depression and anxiety. "

They also revealed that she met her ex-wife's family fifteen days before the wedding and placed a before and after in the relationship from the moment she got married, with frequent and abusive alcohol consumption by the child's father and, in addition, , behaviors that establish a dynamic of violent relationship towards it.

The minor's mother told them of the father's inattention regarding his responsibilities as a parent and that the child made inappropriate comments to the mother when he returned from being with the accused.

The tests she was subjected to detected anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder or nightmares.

The IMELGA physicians also detected elements of abuse both during the relationship and after the break as well as fear and resentment to go out after receiving threats to their physical integrity.

They also perceived in the mother a feeling of guilt because she considers that "she should have seen that her son was going to be murdered" and for all of this they considered her a victim of gender violence.


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