August 1, 2021

Oyarzábal (PP) defends the illegalization of the CUP to "stop the feet of those who incite violence" in Catalonia

Oyarzábal (PP) defends the illegalization of the CUP to "stop the feet of those who incite violence" in Catalonia

The president of the PP in Álava and senator, Iñaki Oyarzábal, has defended the banning of the CUP to "stop the feet of those who incite violence" in Catalonia. In addition, he has accused the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Joaquim Torra, "partner" of Pedro Sanchez, of being "the instigator" of the latest altercations, and has called for the convening of general elections.

In an interview granted to Onda Vasca, collected by Europa Press, Oyarzábal has indicated that, with the proposal of outlawing the CUP, "it is proposed to stop the feet of those who incite violence and those groups that cheer the violent ones and that urge to go beyond those lines that are reasonable to maintain in democracy ".

The popular leader has pointed out that he sees "with concern" that there are those who want "the environment to warm up." "We know what happens when the most radicals take to the streets, when they assault public buildings and attack people who do not think like them," he said.

In his opinion, "when the radicals embark on this circle of violence, we must stop it in some way, and this only stops with the unity of the democratic parties, the law and with the democratic firmness of the Rule of Law."

"At this moment this unit is not being produced because the instigator of the last days to violence and altercations is President Torra himself, who is one of those who put Sánchez in the Moncloa, and when, in the end, they are the partners Government who are insisting and encouraging the altercations, rarefying the environment and encouraging violence in Catalonia, it is very complicated to generate a democratic front that stops the feet of the violent, "he pointed.

Iñaki Oyarzábal has stated that, "to seek detente, the independentists themselves have to reflect deeply on how far they are leading that community."

As for the ultimatum of Torra to Pedro Sanchez so that to make an offer of "self-determination" for the Catalans in a month or withdraw their support, the president of the Alava PP believes that the motion of censure that has boosted the president of the Executive of the PSOE "has been unsuccessful" and Sanchez has reached the government, "not with a national project, but against, to overthrow the PP, Rajoy."

In this line, he said that those who have supported the socialist cabinet did not want to back their project, but "to weaken the Government of Spain and the country." "Those who want to take on Spanish democracy are the partners of the Government, who are now asking for an account, it is a weak government, the ministers are falling and we are seeing that they generate distrust, the investments flee the country and they start to see the day to day, "he said.

Iñaki Oyarzábal has indicated that, "of the damage that this weak Government of Sanchez can cause, there is a last responsible, which are the PNV and Urkullu, who are the ones who, at the last moment, in the last hours, decided to overthrow the Government and give it to Sanchez with those 84 deputies and all those supports that generate so much instability, what has been called that Government 'Frankenstein' ".

"Who decided the balance and gave the Government to Sanchez was the PNV and who is ultimately responsible for what may be happening and the destruction of the Government Sanchez is the PNV," he said.


Oyarzábal believes that an electoral convocation, "at least, could generate new majorities and would make possible a Government that has solid parliamentary support in both Houses and, in addition, with a coherent country project, something that this Government does not have". "His own partners try to weaken him," he said.

In his opinion, "with these wickers, this country can not move forward". "We are in an absolute break, I think the better Sanchez soon realizes that the important thing is not him, nor occupy power, but give a way out to this country and that there is a majority that can govern," he said.

The popular representative has insisted that in Spain there is a president "who lost the elections" and in Catalonia another to which no one voted. "This is something inconceivable in any democratic country around us," he added.


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