January 26, 2021

overwhelming success of Virtual Animayo – La Provincia

The First Animation Festival, visual effects and videogames of the world made on a 100% virtual platform, the fifteenth edition of Animayo Gran Canaria started this weekend with overwhelming success.

Among the more than 18,000 registrations received, a figure that will foreseeably continue to rise as the deadline for next weekend’s master classes continues to be open and with no capacity limit, more than 8,300 received to participate in panels or tables of experts and debates of the first two days. Of all these, 1,246 enrolled were the lucky ones who were able to get a place as they were activities with limited capacity. Applications came from numerous countries around the world with registrations from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, Denmark, Canada, India, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil or Peru, in addition to Spain.

And it is that although Animayo “is characterized for being an avant-garde festival”, the beginning of this edition has already marked a milestone in the history of animation festivals with the successful launch of this world-wide unpublished model. Customizable avatars, advanced 3D technology, 100% virtual spaces without the need for specific glasses, real-time voice tools, agility to connect to the system, interaction capabilities and intercommunication between avatars, are some aspects of this platform’s toolkit 100% virtual from Animayo. A great technological innovation that places the island of Gran Canaria, its capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and, therefore, Spain, at the epicenter of the audiovisual industry worldwide.

Just a few hours before its start, on Saturday the 9th, the faithful followers of Animayo received instructions for their access to the expert tables and debates. Such had been the expectation generated by this new 100% virtual platform of the Festival, which came to receive up to more than 5,000 applications for registration in some of the activities, even when dealing with the first two days with limited places.

This was announced by the Animayo organization when at the beginning of the crisis generated by Covid-19, and with a cumulative production work of more than ten months, not only does it decide not to suspend but it also knows how to see the ‘framework’ to finalize this 100% virtual platform that I had been working on for a long time. An unprecedented model in this type of festival and in which, more than ever, Animayo would enhance direct interaction between the public, participants and teachers in real time, internationally and without leaving home. And even more: it had frozen the sale of tickets already in progress (the festival’s global pass amounted to 150 euros), and in a new step of social awareness that the organization took together with its main sponsors and collaborators, it increased by more than 500,000 euros for their Animayo Talent Scholarship program to access a wide range of studies at universities and schools, national and international, of the highest level, both online and face-to-face, such as U-tad, ESDIP, ESCAV, L´ Idem, Universidad Europea, Cesur or ArtHeroes, whose managers Animayo thanks for their invaluable collaboration to achieve this large increase in studies and the total amount of these scholarships. “A grain of sand to the cause, with the most cutting-edge audiovisual culture as a resource”, as Damián Perea, alma mater, director and producer of the festival, pointed out.

The answer to this extraordinary edition of Animayo, the only Spanish animation festival designated “Festival Qualifier” by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Hollywood for the Oscars® in the animation category, converted into the First 100% Virtual Festival, either He made himself wait for his guests and Animayo increased its number of speakers by 70% compared to the previous edition.

Thus, “with technological innovation, creative capacity, good disposition and desire to excel”, Animayo Gran Canaria 2020 started. With 57 invited stars from the industry from 14 countries who shared their knowledge and experiences in the 8 panels and 2 debates scheduled in this first weekend of the Festival in which its speakers shared knowledge and experiences in disciplines such as the creation and design of characters; the latest research in virtual reality techniques, video games and animation; work of animators and producers; 3D modeling, digital sculpture; storyboard or storyboard; production designers, visual development artists, layout and concept artists, and special effects techniques.

Each of them was moderated by personalities of international recognition and prestige such as Raúl García, animator, director and producer, (Kandor Moon, Kandor Graphics, The Walt Disney Animation Studios); Carolina Jiménez, Lead layout artist, (Scanline VFX, Weta Digital, MPC, OK Infografía, Skydance); Ángel Molina, Project Manager, Art Director, (Blue Pixel 3D, Zinkia Entertainment, Magic Films); Rocío Ayuso, journalist, writer and film producer (El País, R & R Communications); Mercedes Rey, director of institutional relations and strategic alliances (U-tad, Ilion Animation Studios, Pyro Studios, Proein); Cinzia Angelini, director, story artist and animator, (DreamWorks Animation, Illumination Entertainment, Cinesite), Carlos Zaragoza, Production designer, (Sony Pictures Animation, Paramount Animation, DreamWorks Animation, Rocket Pictures, Universal Pictures); Edgar Martín-Blas, CEO & creative director, (Virtual Voyagers, Tuenti, Telefónica, Teaser, Xocolat Design); Miriam Hidalgo, «Perditah», illustrator, character designer, (Ominiky Ediciones, Estudio Mariscal, Filmax animation); Manuel González, director of Zoom Net, Spanish Television program. [Nota de prensa invitados y programa completo de paneles y debates: https://www.animayo.com/?accion=news3&id=175]
Among the titles of the expert panels or panels: «Creation of characters: heroes and villains, irresistible antagonists», «The latest creations, innovations and narratives in virtual reality», «I want to be an animator! Find yourself a serious job »,« 3D Modeling. Conversations with the masters of digital sculpture »,« Young Spanish talents in the industry. Tips & Tricks »,« Storyboard: The Pillar of a Good Production »,« Concept Artist & Visual Development. The alchemists of the Industry ”or“ Insights of VFX by the Magicians of the Industry ”.

In addition, two virtual debates were held on topics of great significance. On the one hand, ‘Women in the animation, visual effects and video games industry’, moderated by Rocío Ayuso, and on the other hand ‘The weight of narrative in video games’, moderated by Manuel González.

As we say, a studied programming by some speakers, industry stars, who have left their mark on titles such as Games of Thrones; Klaus; Zootropolis; Interstellar; Love Deaths & Robots; Chernobyl; The Simpsons; The Lord of the Ring Trilog; The Hobbit Trilogy; Avengers Saga; Justice League Saga; Gru, my favorite villain; The Minions; Pirates of the Caribbean Saga; Hungers Games Saga; Star Wars: Resistance; Star Wars: The Clone Wars; Star Wars: Rebels; The dawn of the Planet of the Apes; Tangled; Brave; Moana; Frozen; Break Ralph !, or in video games like League of Legend; Game of Thrones; Commandos; Crossfire; Project Cars; Need for Speed; Alice’s rivers and a long etcetera.

This extraordinary edition of Animayo Gran Canaria 2020 continues its programming this coming weekend, on May 16 and 17, with streaming activities and without limited capacity. There will be 15 master classes, portfolio reviews and talent grants for more than 500,000 euros. Likewise, the inscriptions -through the Animayo website- are free. As many people want to participate, they can register until midnight on Friday the 15th.

Masterclasses will also be delivered by outstanding international industry experts with backgrounds in studios like DreamWorks Animation, Cartoon Saloon, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros, Pixar, Sony Pictures Animation, Ilion Animation Studios, Skydance, Weta Digital or Delirium Studios . Artists, at last, who left their mark on recognized works with nominations for the Oscars®, Goya® awards, VES (Visual Effects Society) or the Webby Awards, among others, and with titles such as Klaus, The Hobbit (trilogy), Iron man, The Avengers, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Alike, Hero, Planet 51, Shrek 4 Forever After, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, The Lord of the Rings (the trilogy), Beauty and the Beast, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Foosball, Mortadelo and Filemón against Jimmy el Cachondo, The magic park, The wind rises, The illusionist, The werewolves, Game of Thrones, Love, death and robots, Jurassic World , The Justice League. Video games such as Vigor, Argo, Day Z, the Samorost saga, Machinarium, Castlevania Lords of Shadow II or projects entirely developed in virtual reality such as the short The Remedy.

And among the contents of these master classes: the always necessary 2D animation for cinema, video games and television; 3D modeling; Blender software innovations, such as Grease Pencil; secrets of the digital creations of some of the great Hollywood blockbusters; the construction of worlds in videogames, the artistic universe in which its originality and musical composition reside; tips for creating a good portfolio and successfully facing a job interview; acting in animation; the art of lighting; the secrets of the concept artist to show the full potential of a project, be they animation films or video games; the making of of The Remedy, entirely done in virtual reality for the Quill application on the Oculus platform of Facebook; visual effects (VFX), how to set up and move a demo reel to get a job internationally.

We are talking about one of the most outstanding and innovative programs in the audiovisual, animation cinema, visual effects and video games industry, one of the few industries that remains active and forward-looking in the current scene, which has also been possible thanks to Animayo institutions, organizations, universities, schools and private companies that have been sponsors and collaborators of Animayo for 15 years, such as the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Canarias Crea program of the Canary Islands Government.

“Winning the pulse of adversity”, Animayo Gran Canaria 2020, and the first Festival of animation, visual effects and video games in the world held on a 100% virtual platform in its fifteenth edition, will still bring us online activities on the 22nd and 23rd of May with the selection of the International Jury of the International Official Competition Section with viewing and voting through the online platform of the web www.animayo.com. The winners will be announced on May 29. And, last but not least, your face-to-face program in the last quarter of the year and which will be announced soon. It will consist of Projections of the International Prize List Animayo Gran Canaria 2020. Includes voting for the Audience Award; primary and secondary school screenings; video games and virtual reality space; premiere of short films made by children for children – Animayo educational system; official children’s section for the «My first Festival» contest, and U-future experiences.


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