overthrow the government and create an agency for the distribution of European aid

Of all the policies that inhabit Spanish politics, that of Pablo Casado is one of the most contradictory that can be seen in the current panorama, and not only because he has dismissed Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo with the same arguments that he used to raise her to the spokesperson congressional. The leader of the PP says that he loves Spain and the Spanish, but refuses to participate in a budgetary consensus for national reconstruction in times of socioeconomic emergency; he beats his chest with the Constitution, but mocks the obligations imposed by the Magna Carta as head of the opposition for the renewal of the Judicial Power; he presumes to be a democrat, but questions the legitimacy of a democratically elected government in Parliament and declares himself concerned about the absence of leadership at such a critical moment when his is one of the weakest and most questioned of all the Spanish right wing in democracy.

What Pablo Casado has demanded during his visit to La Moncloa to sit down to negotiate the General State Budgets is that Pedro Sánchez break the Government. Yes, that in the midst of the worst pandemic in a century, dynamite his cabinet, stop governing and then, if that, they can still start talking. The power, it is already known, that belongs to the right by right and that, when it does not have it, it plays filibustering, the blockade and whatever it takes.

With United We Can there is no negotiation from the PP because its president has said so; Without United We Can, there is no Government because it was thanks to his support in Parliament that Sánchez was inaugurated president and without Government, of course, there would be no Budgets either. But Casado’s script for his visit to La Moncloa has remained the same since the Legislature began. With or without a pandemic, Sánchez’s is a government that does not recognize legitimacy and with which, therefore, there is nothing to negotiate. Neither public accounts nor constitutional bodies, even if they have been in legal limbo for two years –which could be up to five– in the absence of an agreement for its renewal and that Constitution that is still standing, as the popular say, just because the defend the right every day and night.

A country socially and economically devastated by the pandemic

Casado has installed among his hosts the mantra of a Government that rejects the Monarchy, demands the demolition of the Constitution and attacks the Head of State. And the worst thing is that those who buy the merchandise are unaware that there is no greater exercise of antipatriotism than the obstructionism of the right with its refusal to renew the constitutional organs or to participate in the socioeconomic reconstruction of a country already socially and economically devastated by the pandemic.

The leader of the PP would have been very easy to appear before the media, after his meeting with Sánchez, and just explain that after two hours of meeting and his willingness to attend the meeting, the President of the Government did not present him with a macro picture or the general lines of the public accounts for which it claims support. He could have also said that for a budget negotiation it would be good if there were, at least, a preliminary draft of budgets to start talking about and that Sánchez had not detailed any numbers, plans, or reforms.

But no. Married always confuses the part with the whole, he recreates himself in maximalist positions and loses all credibility before a citizenry that, unlike the party he leads, has understood from the first that the solution to the COVID-19 crisis is to end the virus, but also for taking the management of the pandemic out of the political and electoral fray.

And, as the president of the PP is not willing to do so but neither to be known as the “lord of no”, an offer has been drawn from his sleeve to create an independent agency for the management of European aid and plans emergency, in which the PP and PSOE agree on the distribution of funds. It seems that what the Constitution says does not apply to the PP in regards to the Judiciary, but that what is decided by consensus between the parties in a new public body will be a dogma of faith for the popular. Ah, yes, all while its leader demands an immediate reduction of the bureaucracy to get out of the crisis. Much better a new agency than the current administrative structure of the State to manage the aid of Brussels!

For the rest, he continued, as don erre que erre, that Iglesias “is in a request for a change of constitutional regime, has asked that the King abdicate and that there be a referendum on the Monarchy” and that thus “we started very badly” because The PP does not propose, he said, to negotiate with a government in which one of its members “advocates a referendum on self-determination in Catalonia, treats EH Bildu as a political interlocutor and is accused of irregular financing.” Therefore, for Casado, “the ball is in the court of Pedro Sánchez, who has to decide whether to break the governing coalition or maintain it”, since in his opinion the socialists could govern in a minority reaching parliamentary agreements with the PP in “basic issues” such as health or education.

The fact is that the Minister of Finance and Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, has already said that the Government has agreed to study the proposal to create a Recovery Agency, but that the idea is no more than “accessory” and “absolutely instrumental” because the important thing is to decide the orientation of the Budgets, European funds included.

The minister came to describe the meeting between the president and Casado as “disappointing”, after verifying that the PP “has turned its back on the dialogue”

The minister came to describe the meeting between the president and Casado as “disappointing”, after verifying that the PP “has turned its back on dialogue” and that, with or without Cayetana, “it is the same Casado from two years ago. the one that permanently says that it rotates to the center but when we have the opportunity to speak we see that it seems to rotate on itself in a spiral “.

“It seems [añadió Montero] that we have not experienced a pandemic that has claimed the lives of thousands of compatriots. Casado has lost a golden opportunity to show that he is a statesman “and that his sole objective is not to overthrow the Government, but to help rebuild the country, regardless of ideological differences or partisan interests.

Arrimadas demands a national strategy for going back to school

So as Sánchez has the initiative, the obligation and the urgency to move the country forward with new public accounts and has taken note of the “no is no” of the PP, he has been exploring other avenues for a long time, beyond the majority he did. possible his investiture. His coalition partner does not like the preferential treatment that the PSOE has decided to give Ciudadanos in this negotiation. But since the Socialists are not certain that ERC will put the country’s budgetary needs before its electoral competition with the former convergents, they reaffirm their strategy of rapprochement with Arrimadas, much more, after their support for all the extensions of the state of alarm during the pandemic.

“When the numbers do not come out because some political formations are waiting for another moment or because they put impossible requirements because that is the same as saying no, they force to look for other alliances,” said the spokesman minister, María Jesús Montero at a press conference in the Palacio de la Moncloa after Sánchez’s meeting with the president of the PP, Pablo Casado. The Government awaits Sánchez’s meeting with Rufián this Thursday to find out “his schedule and deadlines”, but before that he has already advanced with Arrimadas, in favor of removing “the pandemic from the political fray and leaning his shoulder.” With that spirit, the leader of Cs went to La Moncloa, in addition to a battery of measures to be implemented: a national strategy for going back to school – and no 17, one for each Community – in such a way that Sánchez assumes leadership in the matter education, a conciliation plan, the extension of the ERTE beyond September 30, the abolition of the quota of self-employed for those who have not yet recovered their activity and a political truce by Spain to face the second wave of the pandemic and the economic future.

“For us it is not easy to negotiate with this government, but we have all done extraordinary things in the last year and in this situation we are all obliged to do so,” said Arrimadas, after also clearing some economic reforms that Sánchez has asked for the country take off and face future crises with greater peace of mind.

Arrimadas, unlike Casado, walked the path of institutional responsibility and centrality, and announced his firm and real will to sit down and negotiate “sensible and realistic” Budgets. A path that, he described, as difficult, but correct given the critical situation the country is going through.


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