Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Over a thousand young people are concentrated in Madrid against climate change - La Provincia

Over a thousand young people are concentrated in Madrid against climate change - La Provincia

More than a thousand young people demonstrate in the center of Madrid in the protest called in the capital to support the world student strike for the weather, promoted by the international movement 'Fridays for future', and which has promoted mobilizations in more than 100 countries on all continents.

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"Not one more degree, nor one less species" or "Without a planet there is no future" are some of the slogans that the hundreds of students congregate in the center of the capital, in a demonstration led by the Student Union.

The protest in Madrid moves towards the Congress of Deputies, where young people will sit in front of the Lions Gate to demand the application of urgent measures against climate change, emulating the Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, inspirer of this student movement, which last summer began to protest in front of the parliament of Sweden to demand that politicians act against global warming.

"It is necessary to be here because we are running out of time, and this is not the future I want to live," explains the young Sara Sara, 18 years old and a high school student at the San Isidro Institute in Madrid. From there also Sergio, 17 years old: "We live an unsustainable situation, look what happened this winter in Chicago, it was colder than in Antarctica, if the planet were a bank they would have already rescued it."

On the student banners you can read messages like: "If the planet was the bank you would have already rescued it"; "The moment to save is now"; "A lot is at stake, EVERYTHING"; "There is no planet B"; "No economy without ecology"; "A breath, CO2 No"; "We are all in the same boat"; or "I planto", among others.

Political representatives have also come to the protest, such as Greens Marcellesi Greens MEP. "I have come to listen to what the young people say, and it is time to take decisive political action in the face of the climate emergency, because we do not have time." This is a breath of fresh air, and the climate crisis should be the number one priority of European and Spanish society, "he told Europa Press.

In front of the Ministry of Education, Antonio, 54, who has attended the march with his six-year-old son, has had an impact on the importance of educating children to combat climate change. "It is important to teach the children because you can see that the adults do not give importance, we are a little asleep," said Antonio, while the protesters raised their voices to the cry of "the fight continues, whatever the cost, from north to south, from east to west. "

Protests throughout Spain

The Madrid demonstration is one of the 60 protests called this Friday throughout Spain. In cities like Barcelona, ​​young people will not only go out to the street at noon: also in the afternoon to invite the rest of the citizens to demonstrate against climate change.

In Spain, the student movement 'Fridays for future', which is qualified as "nonpartisan", has been spread in recent weeks by various cities and universities, organizing sit-ins in front of parliamentary or government seats.

The demonstrations this Friday have the support of traditional environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, Ecologists in Action, Seo Birdlife or WWF. Also from political representatives such as the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, which has described this youth movement as "hopeful" and "overwhelming". Young people also have the support of the mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena. "The future can only be green and respectful of the planet," he wrote on Twitter.

In the international arena, More than 15,000 scientists from various countries in Europe and the United States have shown their support for the 'Fridays for future' movement. The first to join were the more than 12,000 German, Austrian and Swiss scientists, who have signed a joint manifesto in which they support the youth movement, which tomorrow will be manifested in more than 1,300 cities around the world.


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