Outshone the phone in the Seminci

Outshone the phone in the Seminci

63 editions and they do not fix what is wrong. The other day, at the end of the session, a voice in the room apologized because they had made a mistake as a short film. Festivals with hundreds of movies are never wrong. He is the only one who projects the shorts with the feature films. There are festivals of short films in which there is a day devoted to the joint pass of shorts and lengths. There is not, however, a screening room for the press. There are festivals that mix the press and the public, but not like here, which leave the worst lines for the press and the numbered seats remain for the paying public. Will they fix these discomforts one day?

Of the three films, the worst iss "La quietud", by the Argentine Pablo Trapero. A film that lasts two hours and at the time of screening has not yet happened. An anodyne production, with a few seconds of action consisting of a mother arguing with her youngest daughter about an incident that happened in Paris one year or the other according to each of them. A film not recommended.

The second film to contest has been the Danish "Den Skyldige", by Gustav Möller. Building a movie has some laws, but the cinema is so big that, without fulfilling a single one of them, it achieves a magnificent work. It is the case of this work, a story centered on a servant of justice whom they call by telephone and he is the one who decides that if he considers that there is crime and danger he calls the corresponding police. Film in close-ups of the actor and whose action resides in telephone calls, without ever seeing the face of those who make them … A magnificent film, highly recommended. The third contest is the Spanish "Jaulas", by Nicolás Pacheco. Opera prima costumbrista and, in addition, with happy ending. Families sevillanas, suburbs, errors, weddings, character called Antoñito liant, of dubious virtue … And so a movie is going that is seen without pretension.


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