May 16, 2021

Out of danger the woman victim of sexist aggression in O Grove, Pontevedra

Out of danger the woman victim of sexist aggression in O Grove, Pontevedra

The victim of the sexist aggression registered yesterday in O Grove (Pontevedra) has been operated in Pontevedra to extract remains of the ammunition that was lodged in the neck after receiving the shots of his partner, of whom he had a restraining order, and did not He fears for his life.

The woman, 47 years old, evolves favorably from her injuries. "It is out of danger and in the recovery phase," explained the sub-delegation of the Government in Pontevedra, Maica Larriba.

He added that the "very low" caliber of the weapon used by the aggressor, a 22, prevented "more serious consequences".

The author of the shots, who does not have a gun license, is admitted with a reserved prognosis in the Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro de Vigo, where he will undergo surgery to extract the two bullets that he has housed in his skull.

He is sedated and guarded by the security forces in the hospital in Vigo, although for now he is not formally detained, as sources close to the case have told Efe that he was not "in a position" to be notified of his detention yesterday.

The investigation of the case, meanwhile, continues and the subdelegate has explained that since last August 28 the aggressor had a restraining order from his partner, with whom he had lived "more than twenty years".

This situation, according to Larriba, was "registered and controlled" by the system of comprehensive monitoring in cases of gender violence (VIOGEN) and "followed" by the Unit of women and minors of the Civil Guard.

The man, after the denunciation of his wife for gender-based violence, left the home they both shared in O Grove and returned to his hometown, Ourense, from where he moved to attack his partner.

"Unfortunately we can not be in the head of the aggressor," said the subdelegate of the Government, which has confirmed that despite this restraining order, the man kept a key to the house in which both had resided and where the shots.

The victim, after being wounded in the neck and on the scalp, was rescued by the window of the house by Civil Guard agents, and the aggressor "barricaded himself" in one of the rooms, the sub-delegate said. which "two detonations were heard".

He did not manage to take his own life despite the two shots in the head, and when the Civil Guard managed to gain access to the home they found him "badly wounded" and thrown on the ground.


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