Our universe: an expanding bubble in an extra dimension – The Province

Our universe: an expanding bubble in an extra dimension - The Province

Theoretical physicists of the University of Uppsala, in Sweden, they have devised a new model for the universe, one that can solve the enigma of dark energy.

Your new article, published in Physical Review Letters, proposes a new structural concept, including dark energy, for a universe that moves over an expanding bubble in an additional dimension.

We have known for the last 20 years that the universe is expanding at a faster and faster rate. The explanation is the "dark energy" that permeates everything, pushing it to expand. Understanding the nature of this dark energy is one of the main enigmas of fundamental physics.

For a long time, string theory has been expected to provide the answer. According to string theory, all matter consists of tiny, vibrant entities "similar to ropes". The theory also requires that there be more spatial dimensions than the three that are already part of everyday knowledge.

During 15 yearsThere have been models in string theory that are believed to give rise to dark energy. However, these have received increasingly harsh criticism, and several researchers are claiming that none of the models proposed to date is viable.

In their article, the scientists propose a new model with energy dark and our universe mounted in an expanding bubble in an additional dimension. The entire universe is accommodated at the edge of this expanding bubble. All the matter existing in the universe corresponds to the ends of the strings that extend towards the additional dimension.

The researchers also show that the bubble expansion of this type can arise within the framework of string theory. It is conceivable that there are more bubbles than ours, corresponding to other universes.

According to a statement, the Uppsala scientists' model provides a new image and different from the creation and future destiny of the universe, while it can also pave the way for the methods of testing string theory.


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