June 17, 2021

Our top 10 books for teens – La Provincia

The benefits of reading are well known for both children and adults, but it is also a time in which we live surrounded by stimuli technological, reading a book has become a revolutionary act.

It allows us to stop, travel without the need to move, imagine, enjoy small pleasures that do not imply overstimulation for the brain. And that’s why it is so important that at home we encourage reading.

Today we propose a list of 10 books for teens on different themes.
Note: they are not ordered by preference, we love them all!

1. ‘Find out! Everything you have never been told about sex and relationships’

Our teenage sons and daughters have many questions about sex, relationships, love … and they are also at an age when they are not very happy to discuss these issues with us. This is, without a doubt, the book that, from my point of view, every mother or father should give to their sons and daughters. In it you will find the answers to all the questions you may have, learn about their bodies, about interpersonal relationships and much more. For those of you who are still thinking about whether or not it is a good option, we ask you a question: what do you prefer? That they learn all of this safely, reality-based and expertly crafted, or that porn teaches them? 1 in 4 males has started viewing this type of material before the age of 13 and, according to a study carried out by BitDefender in Spain, 10% of online prone consumers are under 10 years old. Think about it.

2. ‘You and other natural disasters’

One of the books that are currently selling the most among young people at home. It reflects Harper’s history and the vicissitudes she has to face in a stage of his life marked by love, studies, job search, confusion … A panorama with which the adolescents will surely feel identified. A recommendable read, without a doubt.

3. ‘Invisible’

About this novel, we are going to reveal little to you. Because as its author, Eloy Moreno, indicated in an interview for our blog, he likes that his readers open their books without knowing very well what story they are going to find. As a gift, the beautiful thing is that they give it to you wrapped, without you knowing what is inside. ‘Invisible’ has been very successful and echoed among young people, although he recommends it for “readers from 10 to 110 years old”. Without a doubt, this book could not be missing in our collection of books for teenagers.

4. ‘The blue world. Love your chaos’

We recommend this book because it tells the story of a group of young people who rebel against a world that tries to impose an order on his personal chaos. But it is that we could recommend any of the books written by Albert Espinosa, because any of them are a sure success.

5. ‘That is not love: 30 challenges to work equality’

In Managing Children we have had the pleasure of having the social educator Marina Marroquí as a speaker at several of our events and we can only say wonders about her and the work she does. This book should be an essential read for adolescents, so that learn, reflect, question your own behaviors and assimilated ideas about love. This will have a direct impact on the relationships that are forged both now and in the future.

6. ‘The Basement’

If your children are intrigued, this book will literally catch them from the first page. Four friends are kidnapped and their kidnapper treats them as if they were their flowers, but how can they survive in prison?

In addition, surely when they finish reading this book, you can not help but take a look to see if it is true what they say that hooks so much. Two birds with one stone!

7. ‘Unknown’

Another book that is causing a sensation among the teenage audience. That’s right! ‘Unknown’ tells the story of Lara and Gerard, two young people who meet through the social networks and they decide to meet in person. A novel that reflects a wide range of topics that affect adolescents today such as virtual dangers, love, friendships, social networks € Super recommended!

8. ‘Axlin’s Bestiary (Guardians of the Citadel 1)’

The best thing about this book is that when our children read it, they will ask us for more! This is the first of the ‘Guardians of the Citadel’ saga, and is ideal to introduce our children to the literary sagas.

Axlin will have to face the monsters that inhabit his world, so this book goes through his adventures and discoveries in a way that will make our children not release it until the last page.

9. ‘Love yourself a lot, fagot’

There is a great consensus among gay men and youth who have read this book, and that is: ‘I wish I had read it before!’ A fantastic book, especially for those young people who are in the acceptance phase of their sexual condition or who want to find answers within the confusion they may be experiencing.
Without a doubt, if your son is gay, he has to read this book.

10. ‘The whole truth of my lies’

The same thing that happened to us before with Albert Espinosa, happens to us with Elisabet Benavent. Choosing a book from all those who have written is impossible, because we love all their works.

In this compilation of books for teenagers, we are going to recommend this one: ‘The whole truth of my lies’, the history of trip made by a group of friends in which they will live incredible adventures and they will have to ‘lie to stop feeling’.

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