"Our opening in Malaga strengthens the growth of Murelli Cucine for 2021"



Despite a very turbulent year, with a pandemic that has affected all levels, the leading company in kitchen design, Murelli Cucine, You can be proud of your work and the project that you have created with a safe and secure bet for the future.

Proof of this is the ability that it has shown during the controversial months of confinement to reverse a complicated situation at all scales. Its solvency and strategic location have been the main axes that have even made it possible to increase its business volume with the signing of new contracts.

One of the biggest milestones has been the opening of a showroom in the province of Malaga. A magnificent arrangement in the heart of the city of the Costa del Sol (calle Larios, 4, door 211) that aims to prolong its expansion process in the market.

Sample of distinction, elegance and unique character, The building chosen as the company's enclave is a mansion built at the end of the 19th century. Like Murelli Cucine, this place is the paradigm of the perfect harmony between classic and modern, making the kitchen the heart of the home and the room of our dreams.

This economic and brand commitment to continue growing is a reflection of the firm's intention to expand its business opportunities in new markets and to serve each and every one of its clients in a closer and more personalized way.

“Faced with the drama of the pandemic, we could not paralyze ourselves, we had to take the reins and take a step forward to meet our growth objective and emerge stronger this 2020. We could not allow ourselves to be carried away by the current arising from the vague policies that have been taken since the Government. We are the protagonists of our fate. It will be thanks to the work of companies such as Murelli Cucine that the recovery of Spain will be based on. This is how we have shown it and I firmly believe it ”, says the firm's manager Felipe Lantero.

The opening of the new offices in the Andalusian market, added to the growing prestige of the brand, promises to be one of the great news for the company for next year. Thanks to the hundreds of new projects and, maintaining the large quota of agreements already present throughout the peninsula, Murelli Cucine looks forward to the future in the short, medium and long term.

In this scenario, Murelli Cucine continues its consolidation as the leading company in the custom kitchen design and manufacturing market since its inception in 2015. Regarding the strategy for the coming years, the company is fully immersed in projects for 2021 and 2022, both in their implementation, as well as in the expansion and projection with the aim of further improving the records of previous years.

«Murelli Cucine has always been synonymous with growth. The opening of the market with our new showroom in Malaga is an important branch of our projection, although not the only one. Our situation, at an economic and brand level, allows us to continue working and opting for the best urban projects in Spain, ”confirms Felipe Lantero.

Its factory is one of the hallmarks of the firm with more than 6,000 square meters in which the latest technology and the most advanced machinery are housed, allowing not only to be a seller and distributor, but also a manufacturer that places the customer at the center of the equation.

«We differentiate ourselves by offering our clients a tailored service with a totally personalized product. This is the wake since our birth more than 5 years ago. We understand that, by adapting ourselves to the tastes, habits and behaviors of our clients, only in this way can we really attend to their wishes and needs ”, he says Alicia Zarzuela, project director of the firm.

The company still does not want to put a ceiling on its growth in the sector. In fact, the Murelli Cucine staff is already undertaking several of the projects framed in the years 2021 and 2022. Working, not only on their realization, but also focusing in parallel on bearing fruit, caring for and advancing the relationship with its clients to expand the market at the national level.

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