January 17, 2021

“Our friend likes it because nobody can see him”

The ex-lover of the King Emeritus, Corinna Larsen, wrote in 2011 a letter to the manager of the Swiss fortune of Juan Carlos I, Swiss Arturo Fasana, to inform him that the monarch authorized the purchase of a six million euro duplex in central London. “There are no better options available at this level. Our friend really likes this option because of its location, the private entrance and because nobody can see him,” Larsen told the alleged figurehead, referring to the King Emeritus.

All the protagonists of the case of the fortune of Juan Carlos I in Switzerland

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As published this Tuesday The world, the communication, which is in the hands of the Swiss prosecutor Yves Bertossa, responsible for the investigation into the money that the emeritus king concealed from the Spanish treasury in the Swiss country and in which Larsen and Fasana are accused, was produced through an email sent by Larsen’s company, Apollonia Associates. “You don’t want to miss that opportunity [el rey emérito]. I have discussed the property with him in detail and he has authorized me to make an offer, which was accepted on Friday, “Larsen insisted on the apartment, located at 8 Upper Belgrave Street.

“The design is excellent, a duplex: good hallways, two large en-suite bedrooms and an office. In total it has 252 square meters, private entrance, high level of security, a small private patio, has had a long rental agreement, has 118 years old, it has been recently reformed and does not need any structural reform. ” “All the bathrooms, the kitchen, etc., are in perfect condition, so it can be decorated very quickly,” explained the German businesswoman.

According to Larsen, the house price was £ 5,350,000 plus 5% tax. For its purchase, a specific corporate structure was created. Swiss lawyer Maurice Turrettin would take care of this.: “He is going to create a society that can take over the acquisition and he could be the signatory, so we can do it all outside of Geneva.” “I have informed our friend [el rey emérito] of all these steps as well as that I would send you this information, “concludes the businesswoman.

According to El Mundo, Larsen told prosecutor Bertossa in 2018 that they did not finally buy the property because the seller backed out, but that he ended up buying another apartment in London and that Juan Carlos I “donated” 1.6 million euros to make the operation. The house, located in Eaton Square, cost five and a half million euros, plus the almost four and a half million of its remodeling, always according to Larsen’s version.


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