April 22, 2021

"Our father has been our yoda teacher"

They say that together they are more than six. Judah, Israel, Elijah, Christ, Aaron and Josua: The Vivancos. Newly landed in Monaco, they stop at the attic terrace of the 1898 hotel in Barcelona where they throw themselves into the pool. His is an Iberian touch. Among his super powers is the one that does not bite the mosquitoes or cavities. They prepare a new show where they want to take the audience behind the scenes and ensure that the dance "is like a meditation."

If they had to dance on a chess floor, what chips would they be?

Christ: Los Vivancos, being a very versatile artist, we would be the queen.

The war school trained the Spanish Rugby Team, you?

All: The Spartans (laughs).

Roncero designed a dessert with the boot of Charles Chaplin. If they made one of the heels of Los Vivancos, what ingredients would it carry?

All: Fire. A very worn heels.

Do you think the north pole would burn with its footsteps?

Josua: They say that one part is because of the pollution we use, another is natural and 10 percent is the friction of the heel of Los Vivancos. But it is said, it has not been scientifically proven.

With their biblical names. What are they chosen for?

Elijah: To conquer the world (laughs). Within our own destiny, without wanting to be Neo, from Matrix, it is true that our life is very curious. We could say in a way that destiny chose us to get where we are. We don't know our final purpose, but there is some destiny in what we do.

They have the Guinness record for their 1,317 heel hits in 60 seconds. Does it contain any morse code?

All: Well, we have not looked at it, we should ask Israel who was the one who executed it.
Israel: The code is courage, strength and improvement.

Who did you send that encrypted message to? Did you get an answer?

Israel: To anyone. Yes, we receive a response from all the people who come to see us, to that message that nothing is impossible and that dreams come true.

Are they considered a miracle of the genetic code?

Elias: No, not at all. It's a lot of study, we have good genetics, that's true …
Christ: normal genetics and a lot of work.

Do you think that you can tap in the sea?

Judah: Of course it is. The important thing is to find a suitable scenario. In the water the sound travels with a greater intensity than through the air.

Josua: if we were mermaids we could not taconear. Imagine with fish feet and body: we could sneak and the whole world would listen to the waves.

How do you get wet?

Israel: In this interview.

ELIAS: We do not usually get wet, we are quite cautious there; but when we do, we put the shoes under the pool.

The Mickey Mouse danced I tapped in the animated films. Do you think to honor him to attract new generations?

Josua: Well, check it out. In fact there will be tapped in the next show, but not dressed as Mickey.

What would you like to convey to the youngest?

Christ: If you are seeing something beautiful, take your eyes off the screens of mobile phones. The screens show a fictional life and the great things of life are lost.

Do your children imitate them?

Elias: Yes, since they were in the belly. On the first ultrasound of Noah, my first son, the gynecologist did not know that I was dancing and said: "Look, he is tapping." Truly, I was very impressed.

You who play "Star Wars." Who is your Yoda?

ELIAS: Our father has been our teacher Yoda and always will be.

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