"Other players say things and do not expel them"

"Other players say things and do not expel them"

"Something we are doing wrong because of eleven games we have seen seven expulsions. Asked [al árbitro] He was so serious and told me what he heard. Costa says he did not say that. There is a difference between '' me '' and '' you ''. If Costa said that I think the decision of the referee is fine, he is well expelled, but the referees are not always the same. They say things in their faces and let them pass. And you have to put up with them. They threw Torres in Champions for two fouls! To Torres, a world icon! After that they can throw us all, "said Simeone, with which he said that his team is not treated the same as Barcelona when they visit the Camp Nou. "But this does not justify Costa," he added later.

The expulsions to which Simeone refers are the following

League 2018/19

The last, Diego Costa, for insulting the referee in the 28th minute. The match ended 2-0.

League 2015/16

Filipe Luis was sent off in the 44th minute by a template to Messi. Godín, in 65 for a double yellow. The duel ended 2-1 for the Catalans.

Cup Semi-finals 2016/17

Carrasco was sent off for a double yellow in the 68th minute. Nor was the encounter by Luis Suárez and Sergi Roberto. The result was 1-1. Barcelona passed, which in the first leg had been imposed 1-2.

Quarters of the Champions League 2015/16

Fernando Torres scored the 0-1 and was sent off for two fouls in the first half. He went back to Barça, 2-1, which was then eliminated when he fell in the Calderón 2-0.

Supercopa of Spain 2013

Filipe Luis (min 80) and Arda Turán (91) saw the red one. It was the return, which ended 0-0. With the 1-1 of the first leg, the title went to Barcelona.


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