Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Otegi says that there is a growth of the parties "of Basque national obedience" compared to those of "Spanish obedience"

Otegi says that there is a growth of the parties "of Basque national obedience" compared to those of "Spanish obedience"

In an interview granted to the newspaper 'La Jornada' of Mexico, during the visit of Otegi to the Latin American country, invited by the Foundation for Democracy, the leader of the sovereignist coalition recalled that in Euskadi his coalition is the second political force and What he is looking for is "to build a Basque republic of equals".

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In addition, it has ensured that the Basque Autonomous Community and Navarra are perceived as "an evolution that makes the Basque national obedience parties" grow, while those of "Spanish obedience" decrease. "Now, probably, in the Spanish elections, this may change a little in conjunctural elections, and the more Spanish-style parties may see their votes increased for Congress," he said in statements to the newspaper, collected by Europa Press.

However, he pointed out that, "when voting in municipalities, the Basque Parliament or councils," Basque nationalism gets "a magnificent result", and so they hope for EH Bildu in the elections of May 26, because the polls "They raise".


Arnaldo Otegi believes that Catalonia "what it has done is to put the State in crisis, to put in the context of the international community the real debate that exists, which is a democratic debate", in which Catalans, Basques and "other nations have a position of strength "that resides in that" the solution has to be a referendum agreed ".

"This strengthens our idea of ​​a peaceful democratic process, which accompanies, not only the idea of ​​independence and the republic, but connects with the wishes of the people of a republic to do things in a different way," he said.

In his opinion, the Catalan case "is being a lesson" for Euskadi, "insofar as the construction of this Catalan republic no longer speaks of Catalans and Spaniards, but of building an instrument of political sovereignty so that the life of the people improve. " "And this is the way that nationalism and Basque independence movement have to go," he concluded.


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