Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

'OT' reminds its contestants with the most nostalgic border

‘OT’ recuerda a todos sus concursantes con la orla más nostálgica

It was the year 2001 when a new talent show premiered on TVE. I was looking for young singers who wanted to prove their worth and become stars. So it came
Triumph operation
, a program that already accumulates ten generations of contestants and that has driven the music scene to faces like David Bisbal, David Bustamante, Chenoa, Aitana or Amaia.

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Everything originated there in October 2001. 16 young people entered an academy where they would coexist and receive classes related to singing to develop their skills. With them the television viewers laughed, cried, grew up. But not only with Rosa and company, the audience has also remained faithful over the years.

From Geno to Famous

So much so that since its re-launch in 2017 by the hand of TVE this program has lived a new youth where the generation of Amaia, Aitana and company They have given back to the young the essence of the program.

The question at this point is. How many contestants have participated in Operación Triunfo? Nothing more and nothing less than 165 names, each one different and of a father and a mother, who to a greater or lesser extent have been part of the family of viewers for a while.

165 names

For this, the official Twitter of the talent show has recently published its particular story with the graduates of the program. That is, the 16 contestants of each edition that have been cast in the memory of the format. From Geno to Famous. Each and every one is in this particular picture.

They are the 2001-2018 promotion of Operación Triunfo, ten generations of singers who have one thing in common: music. Some may say today that they can live from it, others, instead, decided to change course. But each and every one is part of the history of OT.

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