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"I'm missing something" does not mean anything. It belongs to that string of phrases in Spanish, such as "give it a spin", "it is friends with your friends" or "I am very much mine", that are empty of content but finish off any conversation. Mamen and Joe have said that something is missing, even though a teacher and a member of the jury should perhaps be more specific in their speeches. What exactly is missing in this edition? Maybe something as inexplicable as the song of The last one on the line that gives title to this chronicle.

Because there are many possible formats for reality shows in the program this Wednesday. Miki: a boy forced to sing every week in front of the original singer of his song. Carlos Right: a camera follows a young man wearing a harness (?) Strangle his arm to see how much he can hold without cutting his circulation exposing himself to a gangrene live. Pablo López: a former OT contestant whose passage through the program, no one knows why, will never be mentioned by any human being. But this gala (without emotions, without memorable performances and without videos that build the public identity and personality of the contestants) has been as if OT take without getting up from the sofa because of the hangover since last week's revelry.

Carlos Right is wearing a green military shirt with camouflage print trousers. Because for someone who clearly has never needed to do anything to seduce anyone, try to be sexy to the rhythm of Tip Toe It is the closest you will be to going to a war. Carlos has been worried about the choreography all week, but if he comes to know that the camera was going to focus him from 15 meters when he made it sure he would not have been so overwhelmed.

After a video of Alba crying, with the hair still carded and gray last week and the mascara running (which makes her a character of Tim Burton), she and Famous sing a dance version of Fast Car that transforms this lament of Tracy Chapman into any other song. The lyrics tell the story of two people fleeing from a life of misery leading to the dream of, finally, getting to stop being anyone and start being someone. Alba and Famous enjoy it as if they were in a Zumba class.

Miki sings The backyard and it thrills anyone who does not know that if it comes out as in the trials would have been the best performance of the edition. Noelia moves away a little more from that triumph that seemed destined in the gala 0 to combine the best voice of the edition with an increasingly obvious discomfort on the stage and sings Ex's & Oh's with Pilar Rubio's face at the courthouse door. And after a video in which the writer Albert Espinosa explains that between believing and creating there is only one letter of difference, Marta is accompanied by some mariachis to sing And they got ten. She has been complaining all week that she is not able to make the song and the academy his own. She does not like these attitudes: an 18-year-old girl who can not connect with the phrase "I told myself, boy you're falling in love"? To the bonfire with her. So his solvent performance is not going to be enough to save her.

Framed by screens that show ads from Old El Paso, Marta reminds us that at gala 5 last year another mariachi, The bikina by Ana Guerra, took the edition to another level by turning it into a national holiday. Because like the best parties, that performance had euphoria, drama and gossip about the girl they just left. But not tonight. Tonight the laughter of Vance Jay reproduced by the translator (that has happened, that is, Vance has laughed and the interpreter has recreated the laughter in Spanish) is the greatest moment of emotion, expressiveness and surprise of the entire gala. That and Maria screaming "I hate patriarchy" while shaving English.

Miriam ends her journey of the hero by singing Do not with Pablo López for absolute stupor of Malú, who must already be writing an entire album on a Galician with wet effect curls that has stolen his life. It is not one of those songs that believes that singing well is "having a blast of voice". Listening to Miriam and Pablo López is like turning on the TV at your parents' house and that is at volume 57. How to accidentally open a WhatsApp video at work and that the sound of the mobile is at maximum. How to go on the subway at the first hour and that you sit next to someone listening to music on the loudspeaker. When finished, Miriam is hailed as a legend and in a way it is: a year ago she was being vilified by snake emoticons by that audience that believes that Triumph operation is Big Brother and now it's Malú.

Julia and Natalia sing I think about your look (the screens, in case someone doubted it, have images of eyes) and are the ones that come closest to telling a story tonight. They personify two ways of suffering jealousy: Natalia (who is dressed in the clothes we imagine Najwa Nimri wears to walk around the house) refuses them and hates them a bit for feeling them while Julia resigns and self-pity. At least they have understood the song: Manu Guix acknowledged not knowing what is going on and Itziar spoke of doing justice to all women, which is perhaps what Itziar says when he goes blank in the middle of a class. The winner of an Iris Roberto Leal award (well-deserved distinction, he makes it seem easy to mark the mood of a three-hour live show and then goes to the chat to do the goose because the body asks him to) gives way to a video of Dave and Miki singing a song about pooping and that's how the night's performances end.

Oh no, that's Marilia.

Marilia is not to blame for having allowed her to arrive at the gala convinced that I'd Rather Be, a simple and easy-to-show song, you can dance swinging without ever raising the sole of the floor heels like Idaira in River Deep, Mountain High. They have put a fringed dress (like Idaira) to move for her, but Marilia, her fringes and her permanent face of absolute terror will be nominated with Damion, Marta and Carlos Right. The partners save the latter, which certainly has nothing to do with the chicken he rode last week to receive a single vow of salvation, and the teachers to Marilia as punishment for the bad attitude of Marta and Damion, who assumed that they were going to be nominated from the distribution of subjects and observe their destiny with the face that should have been put to José María Cano when last week he saw a missed call from Ana Torroja.

Noemí Galera, the woman who has given Sabela four songs whose lyrics could be played with the little hands on the sides of her face and Alba songs by Britney Spears, Aretha Franklin, Pink and Tracy Chapman, tells them that she does not know what complain That the songs they do not like are a challenge and an opportunity to grow. Joe explains that there are two groups of contestants, those who sing to not be nominated and those who sing to win, which does not sound funny, or affectionate, or television. It's just cruel. But Joe's assessments are also usually grouped into two groups: the cruel and the condescending. The public, meanwhile, has voted a fifth favorite different in five galas. Because the public knows that OT It is much more than two types of contestants: in the 10 editions of the program, he has always known how to see people. And those people, like Marta, should be able to express their insecurities, their fears and their frustrations without being turned against them.


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