'OT 2018' gala 13: We broke the love (from so much use) | TV

'OT 2018' gala 13: We broke the love (from so much use) | TV

Famous Oberogo, winner of the 2018 edition of OT. On video, this is Famous, the winner of 'OT 2018'

It is not healthy to get into a new relationship when the previous one has not yet been overcome. You give your body but do not get emotionally involved, do not spend too much time, nor do you want to stay awake until dawn for her. OT 2018 started seven months after it was over OT 2017. There were still contestants of that edition to release records, there were still stories that continued without outcome and nobody missed the format because the natural cycle of assimilation and overcoming that the experience of being involved in OT to the maximum (which is how you enjoy it best). And the appearance of Amaia has been like reuniting with that ex-partner and verifying that they are not your imagination, that you have not overcome OT 2017 because, as the other most important Amaia of this country (Montero) said, true love is only the first.

Alba sings Creep, a song that Virginia sang in that edition in which OT converted to Big Brother in a Christian camp, and acts surprisingly happy during the early stages but enters the furious self-pity of the song in time (curiously, just when he sings "I wanna have control"). Alba explains that she would use the prize so that her mother does not have to worry about rent again, an honesty that shows that OT He has never revealed the class differences between his contestants. They are intuited, but inside the academy they do not matter. There they are all people with the same dream. And that is one of the reasons why, as Noemí Galera presumes, this program is special: it is not the real world, it is better. Alba, one of the best interpreters who has gone through OT, knows how to evoke that sensation of being on the verge of suffering a nervous attack but to contain it until the appropriate phrase. And that has made her the contestant of this edition with more memorable performances and, perhaps, the most exciting moment within the academy (when she learned to play the piano and the lights went out), which is almost everything that You need to win. And that will almost be 1% of the votes.

Famous sing And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going, a song that is impossible to sing without it seems that you need an exorcism. They also sang it before in OT, specifically Sandra (a cursed hairdresser who made her bullying to Virginia) and Risto Mejide accused him of "not singing in English, but with English", because in that edition there was bullying even in the spotlights. There are songs that have a vocal high for the singer to shine and the judges of the contest admire "their voice stream", but this is all a stressful rush from start to finish. The staging is as delirious as this edition has us accustomed: there are couples, dressed as extras of The continental, arguing and going to dance sensually. Officially, there is no song that that dance body is not capable of turning into a mating ritual.[Thedancersof[LosbailarinesdeOT, by the way, have 10 editions surrendering to 200% no matter what happens. The same can not be said of anyone else].

Julia can not wait to be fifth and start her successful career in flamenco, velvet and sunsets in instagram with the caption "PURA VIDA". And when the first chorus ends, he likes and he escapes an "eh!" Before grabbing the inexplicable leopard skirt that they have put on, it's already there. She is already a professional singer. Not only because he is believing it but because he is the only one who leaves the contest with a defined musical style that people will want to listen to. Alba, Famous and Natalia have sought to show off with songs that only work in talent shows or movies, but Julia has opted to inaugurate her musical career tonight. Go with the dead mosquito.

Natalia sings Never Enough with a giant skirt where little lights appear, squandering the opportunity to project the face of Itziar Castro (it would be her only appearance at this gala, by the way). Roberto Leal, who has finished the edition with the double of gray that in the gala 0, says that Natalia is going to make history and the truth is that not exactly. But it's not his fault, his career has been one of the most solid that has been seen in OT along with those of Chenoa, Bisbal, Soraya and Amaia, but Natalia was a bomb in gala 0 and in 13 it has been the same bomb but raised to a giant skirt. And there he stayed while the camera was spinning around him epically and the audience jelled, a few seconds of absolute winner that the program has never granted anyone. But the true winner of the night is Elina Nechayeva, the singer who wore a similar skirt in Eurovision, tweeting the photo of Pilar Rubio at the gates of the courts. That Elina knows that meme is already to invite her to the jury at the gala to choose our Eurovision song, but if she has been aware that Pilar Rubio presented OT In 2011, she is appointed to the board of RTVE.

Sabela does a lovely thing with Tris after. You have to have the guts of the size of Riazor to sing a song in Galician in a final of OT, but she has come to have a good time and to confirm, again as indicated by Noemí Galera, that in no other program are performances like those of OT. Have you seen anything like this in your life? Sabela has finally managed to make a mark on the program by forgetting ambition, showing off and filling stadiums. She knows she has a guaranteed lifetime gap in Luar and, as his mother advised him, "what has to happen has passed".

The final stretch of the night is as anticlimactic as in the previous nine editions. Alba sings Dangerous Woman dressed in camouflage pants and transparencies, a look that you did not see on television from Popstars; Famous confirms that it is the contestant with the greatest evolution when raising an audience that at the gala 0 only remembered him by name; and Natalia does it very well all over again.

Then Amaia appears and sings, at one and eleven in the morning, a song of 100 seconds. Is it that he can never stop making us happy? Few people could sing that letter so simple and not only make sense but mean so much. "I do not know what I just did", "my album will come out when I'm comfortable", "goodbye". Amaia has to be from another planet, both for her talent and for her personality. But for now, on this planet the new winner of OT is Famous, confirming that Seville has a special color and, if the statistic is maintained, guaranteeing the musical career of Alba Reche. She goes to the pantheon of second classifieds of OT that occupy David Bisbal, Manuel Carrasco, Soraya and Pablo López (yes, that Pablo López whose step OT nobody even mentions when you visit the program). And the night ends with We are and for some reason only the microphone of Marta, the contestant to whom the least edition has listened to, is heard.

This week, Javier Calvo has confessed to Famous that he has discovered a new expression on his face with this song, exactly the same thing he told Ángel Llácer to David Bisbal during the rehearsals of Crazy life. Although for crazy life, that 17 years later that same program has won a black when there are political parties that propose to build a wall in Melilla. OTDefinitely, it's not the real world. Is better.


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