'OT 2018' closes as the least viewed edition of its history | TV

'OT 2018' closes as the least viewed edition of its history | TV

2,231,000 spectators followed the final on Wednesday night Operation Triunfo 2018, in which Famous took victory. Despite being the most watched program in its time, with a 19.4% share of the screen, and obtaining the second best data of the season, the number of spectators is the least-seen final of the ten editions. The next worst is the seventh, of 2009, with 2,268,000 spectators, when Mario Álvarez won. OT 2018 it has also been the edition that has had fewer viewers on average, below two million (1,957,000). In 2017, the final was followed by 3,925,000 viewers, with a share of 19.4% and the edition had an average of 2,406,000 viewers (19%).

In screen share, the edition of 2018 has had an average of 16.4%, the second worst data behind OT 2011 (13.9%, although then the program lasted only 35 days for the 91 of this year). As for the final, the share data was 19.4%, the third worst data of its ten editions, behind those of 2011 (14.7%) and 2009 (19%).

According to data provided by TVE, more than five million spectators followed at some point the final gala of the contest on Wednesday night. The most watched gala this season was the premiere, with a 20.5% share and 2,321,000 followers, becoming the final gala in the second installment and followers this season. OT, which has been presented again by Roberto Leal, has led its slot in 12 of the 14 galas of this edition.

The final gala had as guest the winner of OT 2017, Amaia Romero. The singer played her new song, A new place. "I was more nervous than at any gala, I trembled to the microphone," he said live. Amaia was in charge of giving the prize to Famous, the winner of this edition.


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