Ossorio assures that the course repetitions “will be exceptional”

The Minister of Education, Enrique Ossorio, said this Friday that teachers have “enough judgment and sensitivity” to evaluate each student “fairly” and that grade repetitions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic “will be exceptional.”

“I would like to give a message of certainty and tranquility to students, teachers and families,” said Ossorio in an interview with Telemadrid where he stressed that “all administrations” agree that this year is special and there must be “flexibility in the evaluations “, the first two being” the most important because they were face-to-face “.

“No one should suspend or repeat because of the covid-19. We trust that the teachers will evaluate fairly”, because they know which students have advanced and what the circumstances of each one are, including those who have some difficulty or do not have a computer in their houses, according to Ossorio for whom “the problem is that the Ministry of Education has gotten involved in trying to regulate that each autonomous community on its own can decide the number of subjects with which, even if they are suspended, they are entitled”.

The document of the ministry, adds the counselor, has led to the interpretation that it was “a general approval”, which in his opinion is “a very bad message.” If the teachers “already have sufficient criteria, vocation and sensitivity so as not to harm any child,” from the ministry “the only thing that has been achieved is to cause misinterpretations for many people.”

The Community of Madrid will apply the current Organic Law, according to which “you cannot graduate from high school with failures and that you cannot pass” the course with a certain number of failures, since an autonomous Order cannot change the current law, he added .

Teachers “are going to concentrate on advancing only in the essential parts of the curriculum”, since it would be “ridiculous” to try to cover the whole, so it will be a matter of reviewing and consolidating knowledge, and “repetitions will be exceptional, of course” he assured.

“We wish to return to the classrooms”, which would be gradual, with priority for those in the second year of Bachillerato, fourth year of ESO and the last years of FP, and it would be convenient for them to “have class at least 20 or 30 days before the end of the course “According to Ossorio, but that will depend on what the health authorities decide.

“The repetitions have to be exceptional and more in these conditions,” said the counselor, there will be “fewer failures” and the problems of the students will be taken into account, “something that, according to Ossorio,” is common sense, ” concluded.


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