March 7, 2021

Oslo finishes Santander


The Norwegian financial supervisor (Finanstilsynet) has imposed a fine of nine million Norwegian crowns (930,153 euros) to the subsidiary of Santander Bank in the Scandinavian country. According to the Financial Supervision Authority of the Nordic country, the Spanish bank I would have violated anti-money laundering laws.

In a statement, the Finanstilsynet has indicated that an error in the bank's computer systems caused that 1.6 million transactions from more than 300,000 customers and made through the Norwegian subsidiary of Santander were not subject to the supervision provided by the legislation anti money laundering.

The events would have occurred between October 2014 and December 2018 to what the financial institution considers should not be fined and that, in any case, the amount that must be paid is "too high". The bank now has three weeks to decide if it wants to appeal the decision taken from the Finanstilsynet, for which it will have to file an appeal directly with the Ministry of Finance that runs the liberal-conservative Siv Jensen in Oslo.

Through Norges Bank – the sovereign fund of Norway and the largest of its kind in the world -, Oslo is the third shareholder of the bank chaired by Ana Botín. Norway has interests in 34 companies of the 35 that make up the Ibex (all except ArcelorMittal). What translates into more than 9,400 million bet on the main index of the Spanish Stock Exchange, a figure that is equivalent to 1.65% of the capitalization of the selective (570,000 million).

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