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Brad Pitt, during the party after the Oscar delivery. In video, the summary of the Oscars.

First, Spike lee he clasps his palms at chest height and leans slightly in the direction of the table where the cast of Parasites. After the greeting, he gets a little closer and, very slowly, he tells them: “What you have achieved is his-t-ri-co. It is time to celebrate. Everyone has to be happy. ” And now with the hands makes the gesture of steep a bottle. Between grateful and a little dazed, the Korean actors laugh at the jokes of mime Lee. No one seems to be sad tonight, and those who would have more reasons to be, simply have not come to the party. Finished the oscars gala They have vanished.

Discretion has always been considered a sign of elegance, but in Hollywood It is also a good business. Nobody is interested in being seen on a bad day. It is not profitable to get angry at the photos of the Governors Ball, the exclusive party organized by the Academy after the awards ceremony. This is the biggest showcase of the golden dream. Here you come to smile, to show that you have won, to walk your success like a talisman that multiplies more and more successes.

In a corner, separated from the rest of the guests by a tape and a team of big guys, Brad Pitt celebrates his first statuette as an actor shaking his hair with some friends. Tom Hanks, one of the losers, seems more focused on eggplant salad with black rice. In another hallway and even with the Oscar in hand, Joaquin Phoenix hugs Adam Driver, another of the defeated. Phoenix bows his head so much and babbles something in such an affected way that he almost seems to be explaining to his partner the tricks of his character in Joker.

A couple of hours before, during the speech of the award for best direction -the beginning of surprises, which would culminate with the best movie climax for Parasites, the first non-English speaking tape that succeeds- Bong Joon-ho had dedicated his triumph to Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. He called them teachers and caused the audience of the Dolby theater to dedicate an improvised ovation to their feet. The response of both was a mixture of embarrassing faces, blows to the chest and fingers of approval pointing to the winner.

Each aspired to 10 statuettes. Only two got the Tarantino tape, which was seen in the breaks of the gala eating organic popcorn offered by the organization and who knows if he also resorted to samples of CBD-based moisturizer -a cannabis compound with anxiolytic properties- They gave away in the bathrooms to reduce tension. Scorsese, less active, left the ceremony blank. Neither appeared at the party.

“It is a lot of effort that they have dedicated. I could not pretend that I do not mind losing. I think if it were them, I would cry, ”said Nancy Brandt, the wife of the former New York prosecutor who wrote in 2004 the chronicle on which the script of the the Irish. “I met Frankie in person - the mafia thug played by Robert de Niro - and it was scary. He was very tall and always wore that giant ring his bosses gave him. ”

De Niro was not even finally included in the final list of candidates. Al Pacino had not been nominated for 27 years. Joe Pesci, another 29. In the same category, the most saturated of stars and that would end up winning PittAnthony Hopkins had 22 years without a nomination. And Tom Hanks, 19. Maybe because of age, to prove he was still fit, or in an unexpected nod to his role in Forrest Gump He entered like a cyclone at the ceremony. Almost as soon as he stepped on the red carpet, he approached a group of young recruits invited Marines as a public. He pointed at one of them with his finger, planted his hands on the wet carpet and began to do push-ups.

It had rained at noon in Los Angeles and the entrance to the theater that looked more like a British open-air pub. If the bars of the islands are carpeted to the bathroom, here the red carpet covers up the asphalt that the limousines step on. Before the humidity of the ground, everything became slower and pasty. They rolled up their skirts, they stepped on the puddles with an almost Zen parsimony so as not to splash.

The team of Parasites I arrive soon. Following the pattern, walking slowly. With discretion, without splashing. And they left too soon, although more accelerated. On the way to the elevator, they chanted the name of Bong Joon-ho as if he were a football player or a bullfighter. With four statuettes in the backpack and heading to the Korean neighborhood of Los Angeles, to follow the advice of Spike Lee: “We are going to get drunk but with soju, the sake Korean".


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