Oscars 2019: No presenter or script: this is one of the worst galas of the Oscars | Culture

Oscars 2019: No presenter or script: this is one of the worst galas of the Oscars | Culture

Julia Roberts, with the envelope of the Oscar for the best film. In video, the main prizes and speeches.

The last time the Oscars had no presenter was in 1989, and the gala started with Rob Lowe dancing with Snow White. In 2019 the ceremony started with Queen and ended with Julia Roberts dismissing the team's squad with little enthusiasm Green Book We have not improved. We have worsened.

As much as in Madrid from the set of Movistar was taught a file with a lot of pages, ensuring that there was the script, there was no spark in the presenters, who went to deliver prizes or introduce other candidates. Script? What script? Only when they left the dialogues previously written, when they contributed their own words to the delivery, the gala flew something else. The initial monologue was replaced by the first prize: that of best secondary actress. Luckily, it occurred to someone that this Oscar was delivered Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph Y Tina Fey, three teachers of the comedy, so there was a start with mischief.

The rest was simply a concatenation of prize after prize, in which the voice in off he announced who was on stage. What have they won? A duration of three hours and 19 minutes, the shortest of the last five years, bringing it closer to the desired three hours that the Academy yearns for ... or better, the ABC network, in charge of the broadcast. By the way, Kevin Hart, the presenter who gave up his work after coming to light some old homophobic digital comments, went to the gym and then saw the prizes. It would be boring. Okay, some comedians have been dull, others went over braking, but at least there was a glue that unified the ceremony. During the night we live a mere delivery of prizes, like someone who distributes pizzas. No videos praising the cinema, or jokes, or memorable moments driven from the same organization.

Figurines to imitators

If we also delve into the purely cinematographic part, from fear we panic. Vale that the three awards to Alfonso Cuarón are fair, especially the address. That finally Mexico wins the Oscar to foreign language film. Or that Olivia Colman deserves all the praise for her queen in The favourite. Or that it was time for Spike Lee to win the Oscar - it has happened to Paul Newman, who received first one of honor before another competitive-. But one begins to be fed up with statuettes imitating historical figures, not to recognize Ethan Hawke for The priest -No, was not even nominated-, that Paul Schrader, the master of the script, went empty ... A painful fact: Rami Malek already has his Oscar, Glenn Close and Willem Dafoe still without any. Other: Bohemian Rhapsody Last night four statuettes won, The Godfather won three. Only something worse could happen that won Green Book: that in its place the telefilm did about the life of Freddie Mercury with which Brian May continues to deplete the Queen legacy.

Green Book It is a complacent film, timorous, with some embarrassing sequence, in which the actors are far above the dramatic material - not to mention the direction. It's the Oscar of the most cowardly conciliators, like when he won Crash. The vice of power It is a risky film in the formal, incisive in the background. In Infiltrated in the KKKlan Spike Lee performs one of his usual ideological pirouettes. The favourite he also investigates little-trodden terrains. To make a fool of himself, better than rewarding Peter Farrelly's film would have been to reward Black Panther And one last reflection: if not even in this year - I loose in Hollywood, enormous for the cinema the rest of the world - the academics have dared to give the statuette to the best film to a film spoken in a language other than English, to a masterpiece as Rome, What should we do or wait for this to happen? And really, was not there a way to have winked at Stanley Donen, I do not know, listening to some bars of Singing under the rain, for example?

The Academy has to decide whether to prioritize its awards or the orders of the ABC network. If you think about your awards, you should reflect on how to improve the celebration of cinema. If he surrenders to the TV, then indeed, that they give awards during the publicity, the singers of American Idoland everyone happy. And boring.


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