April 19, 2021

Oscars 2019: Message to the nominees: help us make the shortest Oscars | Culture

Oscars 2019: Message to the nominees: help us make the shortest Oscars | Culture

He says Yalitza Aparicio that has already lost count of the selfies that they have asked for in Hollywood. The photo of the protagonist of Rome is one of the most sought after in Los Angeles since it began a season of awards in which he has been "more here than in Mexico," as he confessed this Monday during the luncheon organized each year by the Film Academy for Oscar nominees. and to which EL PAÍS was invited. And it is not over. Aparicio took photos with Lady Gaga and, at the end of the meal, Bradley Cooper handed him the phone to say by video call to his partner, Irina Shayk. A greeting more.

The team of Rome, with Aparicio as a star, was one of the most sought after in the highest level event among those that precede the Oscars, where this year is the most nominated film. 20 days are missing for a ceremony that nobody has how it will be less in one thing: it is known that it will last three exact hours. The margin of error is zero, judging by the insistence with which during the lunch all the nominees were reminded to adjust to their times if they are lucky enough to go up to pick up an Oscar on February 24th. From a table this Monday watched Bob Iger, president of Disney and therefore of ABC, owner of the broadcast.

Lady Gaga, upon her arrival at the luncheon of Oscar nominees.
Lady Gaga, upon her arrival at the luncheon of Oscar nominees. GTRES

The Academy has betrayed its concern for the Oscar television audience, which is declining year after year. That is the main reason to try this year to do whatever it takes to adjust to the three hours, explained to the COUNTRY the producer Dan Fellman, one of the governors of the Academy. Much of that audience is on the East Coast, where the show is broadcast on prime time from eight in the afternoon (five in Los Angeles). If the ceremony goes past 11 and the winners of the night are more or less clear, people turn off the television. This year, the Academy has decided that all prizes will not be seen in the broadcast. Some will be delivered during the announcements.

The decision may not like the one who understands it as a lack of respect for professionals who have earned the Oscar as well as those in the main categories. "I think it has not been understood well," he commented with EL PAÍS Glenn Weiss, director of the gala and co-producer with Donna Gigliotti. Weiss explained that they will try to save the speeches to issue them after the publicity. That is, after the announcements you can see the winner give his speech without everything else. Weiss assured that he will have "a very large team" to edit on the fly.

Alfonso Cuarón (on the right), with Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, nominated for the documentary 'Free Solo'.
Alfonso Cuarón (on the right), with Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, nominated for the documentary 'Free Solo'. GTRES

But this is not going to be achieved without the winners' collaboration. So the two producers took the stage to remind once again the nominees that, from the moment they say their name until they get thrown off the stage they have one minute and 20 seconds. When there are 45 seconds left, you will see a light go on. "It's not just a hurry, it's to help you," Weiss said. Then, they put a video of what for them is the ideal acceptance speech, Steven Soderbergh's when he won the Oscar for the best director Traffic in 2001. Since he arrives on the stage until it ends he lasts a minute. "Tears come to you and you do not waste time," Donna Gigliotti emphasized. They already have all the nominees with whom to compare.

The governors of the Academy with all the nominees and part of the teams of the films of this year shared a table at the Beverly Hilton Hotel International Lounge in Los Angeles. The president of the Academy, John BaileyHe stressed that it was the group of nominees with the most women in history. Two movie legends are nominated for the first time, Spike Lee and Paul Schrader. With a director, Alfonso Cuarón, he is nominated for four different prizes in the same edition, something that only Warren Beatty, Alan Menken and the Cohen brothers have achieved. "This year's nominations confirm the success of our international expansion," said Bailey.

The nominees Regina King and Mahershala Ali.
The nominees Regina King and Mahershala Ali. GTRES

Finally, Laura Dern was calling one by one the 171 nominees present (out of 212 in total this year), representing 52 films, which were placed for the traditional annual photo. Spike Lee was the first to take his place, in the midst of a standing ovation, and Adam McKay the last. In between, the teams of A star has been born Y Black Panther and the actors of Green Book, Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen. In the middle of the photo, next to Rachel Weisz, was María del Puy Alvarado, producer of the nominated short film Mother. "You're sitting here and there seem to be no stars in the room. Suddenly they call to call them and they are all! ", Del Puy commented to this newspaper. So is. Everyone who has something to say in Hollywood this year was there. In three weeks, a handful of them will go down in history.


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