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Oscars 2019: How much money do the winners take? - The province

Oscars 2019: How much money do the winners take? - The province

Zero dollars, is, in short, the figure received by the winners of the Oscars. Everything they earn in the night of the gala of the Oscars the artists selected by the Academy it's the golden statuette and nothing more. It's surprising, but the real benefit of being a winner in the Awards it is not immediate, and economic gains are seen in their following projects.

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After getting one of the statuettes, what is known as 'takes place'Oscars' effect: the economic boost that occurs in the successive projects of the winners of the Oscars. Movies increase their profitability and value. The salaries of actors and actresses increase considerably in its next role, although this growth depends on different variables: how successful were their careers before the nomination or its gender. According to a study by Kevin Sweeney, of the University of Colgate, the winners of the Oscars perceive more gains than the winners. 3.9 million dollars is the estimated number of increase in the salaries of the actors, while for the actresses the figure does not amount to more than 500,000.

Gift bags for nominees

The Academy awarded until 2006 a bag with gifts to the nominees to the Oscars They had not been winners, but stopped doing it to avoid problems with taxes. However, companies like DistinctiveAssets, in a promotion strategy, continued with the tradition. So the nominees of the last editions have been able to enjoy bags valued in Thousands of dollars. The gifts range from lip moisturizer to trips to Israel, passing through clothes, chocolates, hair dryers, exclusive dinnerss or sessions with a personal trainer. This last year, coinciding with the legalization of cannabis in California, gift bags have several objects related to this product.

How much does the Oscars statuette cost? / Shutterstock

How much is the statuette worth?

Ten dollars. To preserve the prestige of the awards, each Oscar winner must sign a document by which he accepts that, in case he wants to sell the statuette, he must offer it first at the Academy auction. But ten dollars is the maximum that the organization is willing to pay, so to try it is not worth it. It is estimated that the value of the statuette is about 400 dollars, but its manufacture (it is made of tin bathed in gold) costs between 500 and 900.


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