July 24, 2021

Oscars 2019: everything you need to know – The Province

Oscars 2019: everything you need to know - The Province

This Sunday, February 24, the 9th1st edition of the Oscars 2019 Awards. Hollywood last and all the details for the great festival of cinema, which will start with the traditional parade for theRed carpet of the Oscars 2019.

Discover below everything you need to know to not miss out on the most special night for moviegoers:

Where, when and how long will the Oscars 2019 last?

The 91st Oscars 2019 gala it will be celebrated at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, the official venue for the celebration of the Awards since 2002. The most important night of international cinema will begin in Spain at 00:30 Sunday (Peninsular Time) with the red carpetto, where the most relevant actors and actresses of current cinema will parade, and that you can follow live here. The Award ceremony will begin at 02:00 in the morning Monday 25 and is expected to end at 05:00.

The ABC channel transmits an entire gala but you can also follow it in our direct of the Oscars 2019, where you can follow live everything that happens from the red carpet of the Oscars 2019 to the moments that will go down in history.

'The favourite' by Yorgos Lanthimos, 'Black Panther' by Ryan Coogler, 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Bryan Singer are some of the tapes Best Movie nominees. It is however, 'Rome' the title that resonates in the bets and the one that seems to have all the ballots to win, according to the specialized critic. The feature film by the Mexican Alfonso Cuarón (who is nominated to Best Director) accumulate ten nominations in total. If he wins, he will make history, since it would become the first film in Spanish that is made with the title.

Viggo Mortensen ('Green Book'), Rami Malek ('Rami Malek'), Christian bale ('The vice of power'), Willem Dafoe ('Van Gogh, at the gates of eternity') and Bradley Cooper ('A star is born') are the actors who choose to the award for Best Actor. Olivia Colman ('The favourite'), Glenn Close ('The good wife'), Melissa McCarthy ('Can you forgive me one day?'), Lady Gaga ('A star is born') and Yalitza Aparicio ('Roma') are the names of the nominated for best actress for this 91st edition of the Oscar.

The nominees for the Oscars 2019

This edition of the Oscars it is not without controversy. To begin with, it will be the first in thirty years to develop no presenter after the resignation of the actor and comedian Kevin Hart, who was supposed to lead the gala, after they came to light homophobic jokes I had posted years ago on Twitter. These last days he has run the rumor in social networks What will it be Whoopi Goldberg who presents, of surprise, the Awards. Just wait to see if it's true.

Other problems that have emerged in this edition is the anger over the organization's decision to give some prizes at breaks for advertising. Although the cause was reasonable (they did not want the gala to be too long) it has been rectified and, finally, we can see live each and every one of the deliveries of the statuettes.


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