October 22, 2020

Oscars 2019: Cuarón, in search of magic | Culture

Oscars 2019: Cuarón, in search of magic | Culture

19 years have passed since the filming of And Your Mother Too but I have not forgotten even one of the moments with Alfonso Cuaron. I remember very well how important it was for me to work from truth and honesty. He could not stand such hard-working interpretations that give the impression that in each shot they aspire to win the Oscar. He wanted the performance to seem easy, light. There, he said, is the magic.

Cuarón's films, so different from each other, so different from everything, share the extreme sensitivity of an extraordinary creator. The delicacy and mime that is behind each frame of his cinema reaches its maximum apogee in Rome, a masterpiece that divides your soul in two, one of those movies that remain in your mind and in your heart forever. I hope Sunday Hollywood returns to surrender at his feet.


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