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Oscars 2019: A bucket of cold water for Netflix | Culture

Oscars 2019: A bucket of cold water for Netflix | Culture

The champagne started to run and the surprise was still there. In the exclusive party in the Governors Ball, the meeting of the winners of the Oscar awards organized by the Academy on Sunday night, there was no talk of anything else. Green Book it was the black horse, the cover of the night, to beat the favorite, Rome, by Alfonso Cuarón. How had that happened? One of the most repeated gossip in the room was the angry reaction of disapproval that the director of Blackkklansman, Spike Lee, when he heard Julia Roberts name Peter Farrelly's film. "It was a bad decision by the judge," the Oscar winner for best adapted script told reporters minutes before.

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Hollywood has already changed and the party was proof of that. In the center of the room, the Latin power of the entertainment industry gravitated around the Spanish chef José Andrés. The owner of The Bazaar, his restaurant in Los Angeles, was holding a giant plate of ham. The director of the Philharmonic of the city ate with pleasure, the Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel, who conducted the orchestra in the segment of In Memoriam; and the Mexican Diego Luna, who had presented the nomination for best film of Rome next to the Asturian chef based in Washington. At the party the words that Luna had said in Spanish on the stage of the Dolby Theater still resounded: "They already opened the door for us and they do not take us out of here".

The lighting was dim and between the tables, where the golden statuettes stood out above the flower arrangements, waiters paraded with wagyu sandwiches and other canapés. Rami Malek, the Oscar winner for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury, waved a bottle of champagne and Mahershala Ali allowed himself to be photographed with those who asked. The DJ of the ceremony was Questlove Thompson, the musician of the rap band The Roots, who played reggaeton and Slowly to put atmosphere at night.

It was there that some members of the Academy told their version of what had happened minutes before at the Dolby Theater. Some of the members who voted for Rome They said that the Oscar for the best film had been a clear message from the industry to Netflix, the giant of the streaming who had made a big bet to win the 91st edition of the awards with the Cuarón film. The great architect of the surprising triumph of Green Book would have been Steven Spielberg, two-time Oscar winner, who used his power in Hollywood to campaign in favor of the film played by Viggo Mortensen and Ali.

Director of Schindler's list He has been a great defender of the film, which he has considered the best "buddy movie" since Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. Peter Farrelly has publicly acknowledged Spielberg's help in finding a distributor. On Sunday night, when he picked up the award for the best film, Spielberg's name was at the top of Farrelly's list of thanks.

That moment and that speech had a strong impact on the city. The message arrived clearly at 9200 Sunset Boulevard, west of Hollywood, where Netflix held its Oscar party. "It was a bucket of cold water," one of those present at the event told this newspaper. Almost everyone there assumed that Cuarón would get the best movie minutes after having picked up his third Oscar of the night for his work as a director. "It was an unbeatable environment." It was a shock for many in that celebration at the Soho House, an exclusive private club located in a penthouse whose views have at their feet the entire Californian city.

The joy was returning to the body as the night progressed. Alfonso Cuarón arrived at the Netflix party, where he was fervently celebrated for having achieved a new milestone for Mexican cinematography: the award for the best foreign film, which Guillermo del Toro had been denied with The Pan's Labyrinth. Yalitza Aparicio, who was accompanied by her mother to the gala, and Marina de Tavira also embraced before the cameras. The happiest, however, were those of the team Period. End of sentence, winners of the best short documentary for a story of how women in India struggle to end the prejudices around menstruation.


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