Óscar Sevilla, on the podium at 43

In 2001 Oscar Sevilla He was a promising Spanish cyclist who finished seventh in the Tour and second in the Tour behind Angel Homemade. 19 years have passed and the Albacete cyclist is still on the podium, third in the Tour of San Juan that Evenepoel won. 23 years separate him from the young Belgian.

Seville has managed to reinvent itself and find a second life in American cycling. In 2006 his name appeared on the papers of the port operation and, although he was not sanctioned, he did not find equipment in Spain. The Relax-Gam was his last Spanish team in 2007. In 2008 the American adventure began to run in American Rock Racing. Since 2011 competes in Colombia, where he has made his life and has even changed his accent. Now he looks like another Colombian and sports successes don't stop despite age.

In Colombia it is a star. He has won the Tour of Colombia and the classic RCN among other careers. And the Tour of San Juan in 2018, already 41 years old, after the positive doping winner, Gonzalo Najar. At the moment, he feels able to continue competing and will end this season with 44 years old.

Nothing takes away the illusion, not even mishaps like the theft of the bicycle he suffered in March 2018. The thieves also broke his arm and two ribs. But Oscar Sevilla continues. The Tour of San Juan is the last sample.


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