Óscar Plano obscures Aduriz's penalty | sports

Óscar Plano obscures Aduriz's penalty | sports

In extreme situations it is necessary to have cold blood. They say it – or should they say it, if they existed – the manuals of the good secret agent, or the detective who gets into swampy land. That is what the spectator expected from Humphrey Bogart's performance in the King of the Hampa or the Eternal Dream. Aduriz does not have the facial paralysis that allowed the film myth, to compose that rictus with which he seemed to be back of everything, he is much more expressive, and of course, he would never take those liquor drinks with dry sticks, which are drunk in the intrigue films.

But in reality, the Athletic striker is back of everything, which does not mean that everything happens, like Bogart. He has seen them in all colors, has known all the categories and has scored goals in all goals. So when the limit of the first part, after a clear hand of Keko Gontán Muniain shot, he had to throw the penalty, returned to take hold of the cold blood he has acquired over the years and experience.

And if in the agonizing last-minute victory against Girona, decided to beat Iraizoz, who had thrown hundreds of penalties in training, with a panenka of book, of those who overpower the fans, especially when the situation is so delicate, before Valladolid, one of the squares where it is most remembered, decided to expand its repertoire with a new creation. With Masip in front, he stood in front of the ball, with his left foot at the height of the penalty spot. He threw his right leg back, as if to take a run, but did not take it; I was just firing the shot, and adjusting it to the post. When the doorman noticed, it was already late. Maybe as it was not any final, except for Athletic, the new way to launch the maximum penalties will not happen to the encyclopedias with the denomination of origin Aduriz, but it should.

Although in the end it did not serve to remove the Athletic poor, because a goal by Óscar Plano, enabled by Dani García, who was out of the field by the baseline, took two points from the 'rojiblanco' team. They needed them like eating. The people of Bilbao, as Garitano said, will have to suffer to get out of the situation.

The game was arid, locked, but well worked by Valladolid until Athletic goal, more open later, when the legs were fresh and the domain forced the visitors, the locals responded by trying to deploy on the counterattack. It was darker in the final minutes, when Pucela's team pressed and the rojiblanco team tried to defend with desperation, knowing that they would qualify in it. No hint of the cold blood that Aduriz had shown in the penalty spot.

There were hardly any occasions for one and the other. A shot by the outside of the club, Óscar Plano, was the most notable of the visiting team; the distant shot of Iñigo Martínez, who stopped Masip, the best approach rojiblanca, with wings very well covered by the approach of Sergio, who took off the anxiety that grips Athletic.

Bilbao will spend Christmas away from the relegation zone, because Villarreal has postponed their game against Real Madrid, but that issue does not reassure Bilbao, where presidential elections go unnoticed with the displeasure on the lawn. Josu Urrutia witnessed his last match from the box of authorities of San Mamés. Although a couple of months ago boasted of his legacy after seven and a half years in office, it is becoming one of those inheritances that beneficiaries prefer to renounce because of the costs involved. In Ibaigane's safe, there is a lot of wealth, but indigence circulates on the lawn

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