Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

Oscar Garcia, the emigrant of the Masia

From the Masia to the world. Of the method Johan Cruyff to the diaspora in places as diverse as Israel, England, Austria, France and Greece. From suckling touch football like the philosopher's stone to carrying these ideas in different parts, with different luck and, above all, express stages, all quite short in time.

Oscar Garcia (Sabadell, 46 years old), former player of Barça and former coach of Juvenil Blaugrana, premieres tonight on a bench of First, the Celtic, and he does it at the Camp Nou. A letter of presentation of the highest level for a technician who at some point has also had a certain claque that has seen it as a future option to fill the position that Ernesto Valverde now holds. “I have been away for a long time and I had never imagined debuting in Spain at the Camp Nou. It is a very special place for me, ”he confesses.

“I had never imagined debuting in Spain at the Camp Nou. It is a very special place for me ”

As is common in his career as a coach, with Celta he has signed a short contract, only until the end of the season. “It is the best for both parties. I don't like to charge without working, ”says Òscar, who left Blaugrana grassroots football in 2012.

Despite the distance, he has closely followed what is cooked at the Camp Nou, among other reasons because he has been a commentator. Under this shelter he was present at the Anfield disaster and crosses were made the next day by plane return to Barcelona on how this collapse could have happened to the Barcelona team. Half a year later, Barça goes through another situation of anxiety.

“We know where we are going, what situation they are in and, above all, us, but we are going to try to win. Although three days of work give for what they give. I am no wizard. There is no system that guarantees to harm Barça. Slavia played in a marked way but Barça could win, ”admits Garcia, who praises De Jong and does not believe that his rival today has changed much compared to last year.

"We know where we are going, in what situation is Barça and, above all, we, but we will try to win"

He arrives at the Vigués club, in trouble, with the manual that Cruyff taught him. “He always gave me good advice. He had a very clear vision of football. All the coaches that were led by him have the great luck of many times to understand what is happening. It was one of their goals and also of mine, that players understand what is happening and that they are protagonists. Have our concepts clear, ”says Òscar, who surrendered to Cruyff in a farewell letter when Johan died.

“I became a coach for you. I was very clear that I had to give continuity to what you had taught me and not keep it just for me. I have had the privilege of knowing the myth first and then the person and I have to confess that I never thought that the person could be at the level of the myth but, as in many things in my life, I was wrong, ”Garcia wrote.

“Johan Cruyff always gave me good advice. I had a very clear vision of football ”

In fact, it was in the hands of Jordi Cruyff, then sports director of the Maccabi of Tel Aviv, as he got the position in his first senior bench. Then he passed through Brighton, Watford, Salzburg, Saint-Étienne and Olympiakos. Del Watford left shortly after arriving due to chest pains. In France he resigned after 12 days for disagreements with the board and in Greece he only endured three months in the complicated world of football in that country. He also closed a second stage in the Maccabi in a hurry because of the war situation that was then lived in Israel.

Carscar is the last Blaugrana reminiscent character in a Celta who has opted for football with the Barça label. This is how Eusebio Sacristán, Hristo Stoichkov, Luis Enrique or Juan Carlos Unzué have passed through their bench. The coach's will not be the only return to Camp Nou. Denis Suarez will also return. Meanwhile, Rafinha, who is still on loan from Barcelona, ​​is low due to injury.

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