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Once upon a time in ... a new Hollywood. 'Parasites', the South Korean's work Bong Joon-ho, has made history this Sunday in the Oscar 2020 Awards and has won the award for best film, one that in the previous 91 editions had never gone to a film shot in a language other than English. The barrier has finally fallen. And he has done it at the foot of Bong, also recognized as the best director in front of a Hollywood icon as Quentin Tarantino and a legend like Martin Scorsese, to which he has cited as inspiration and guide since his time as a film student, when he convoked in his motto the phrase of 'Marty' "the most personal is the most creative".

The four statuettes for 'Parasites', which has also won by its original script and in the category of international film in which Pedro Almodóvar's 'Pain and Glory' competed, they recognize a creator and a work that are a genre in itself, although it tempts to use the thriller reductionist label. It is a film with less than 20 million budget, nothing by American industry standards, which addresses a globally crucial issue of our time locally: the growing economic inequality.

The Oscars to 'Parasites' and Bong represent the recognition, for the first time and finally, of a vibrant film country like South Korea. But the coronation against eight rivals like '1917', 'The Irishman', 'Once upon a time in Hollywood' or 'Story of a marriage', talk about something else: what can be a change without reversing at the Academy of Hollywood and awards that, perhaps, and like this time, are becoming less local.

A new Academy

Forced for a few years by her scandalous obsolescence in matters of diversity To open up to more members, the Hollywood Academy has given entry to more than 2,000 new members in the last four years. If then It was 92% white and 75% male Blacks now represent 16% of their members and women 32%. It has also been rejuvenated and the average age has dropped from 62 years to 50. And many of the professionals who have gained entry and vote are not Americans.

Those changes have not prevented this year there was only one black actress, Cynthia Erivo, among the 19 nominees in categories of interpretation or that no woman entered the quintet of filmmakers, but the triumph of Bong and 'Parasites' suggests that a turning point has been reached.

Hollywood royalty

Its history is the history of these Oscar, but it is not the only one. In interpretation categories there have been no surprises but neither controversial. Renée Zellweger, who already had a statuette, has culminated his glorious return with the Oscar for 'Judy'. And three performers who are part of Hollywood royalty have won their first Oscars as actors.

Joaquin Phoenix He has done it as the protagonist of 'Joker', which has also won the prize for the soundtrack of Hildur Guonadottir. Brad Pitt, who was already recognized as a producer for '12 years of slavery ', now has the actor Oscar, categorized as a cast, in' Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood ', also awarded for production design. And on the eve of his birthday, Laura Dern, the independent film muse who is also at the top of her career, has received her "best gift" with an award that honors her interpretation of a divorce lawyer in the film Noah Baumbach for Netflix.

Precisely what is not written at the moment is the capitalized story of the streaming platform in Hollywood. The great disruptor started as the highest nominee but has only won the Oscar for Dern and the best documentary for 'American factory'. The industry, and its voters, watch and treat Netflix, even at the Oscars, even with suspicion. And even in animation, where in just two years he has also managed to become a leading actor, he has not been able to with a giant like Pixar. 'Klaus', the Spanish film Sergio Pablos, could not beat 'Toy Story 4'.

'1917', the war work of Sam Mendes which in recent weeks had managed to position itself as a great favorite, has made waters in the major categories but has not sunk. His has been the Oscar for best photography for the faultless and magnificent virguería signed by Roger Deakins. And they have also kept two technical awards afloat, that of mixing sound and visual effects. Two others, the sound assembly and assembly, have been for 'Le Mans 66'.

Messages beyond the cinema

This 92 edition of the Oscars also Taika Waititi has been gold plated, awarded by the script adapted from Jo Jo Rabbit; who has become the first person with Maori roots with an Oscar. His dedication has been precisely "for all the indigenous children of the world who want to make art and dance and write stories. We are the original storytellers," he reminded them, "and we can also get ahead here."

His was not the only inspiring or charged message that went beyond the purely cinematic that has been heard in the gala, that for the second consecutive year he has had no presenters, although Chris Rock and Steve Martin have made a comedic mini monologue at the entrance and, one more year, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig have made them dream that one day they will be entrusted with the mission.

Pitt, the first to go on stage, has put a political note to remember that the 45 seconds that were given for his speech were "45 seconds longer than what was given to John Bolton", a reference to the blockade that Republicans made during Trump's impeachment to testify to his former national security adviser. And although Phoenix's speech, with his vegan message, has been excessive for some (at least according to the dictated by social networks) has included many ideas that only cynics should be comfortable with. "Let's talk about gender inequality, or racism, or queer rights, or indigenous or animal rights, we are talking about fighting against injustice," he said. saying.

Zellweger has also spoken subtly about politics, remembering that "heroes are the ones who unite us." Oscar in hand, Gudnadottir has addressed "the girls, women, mothers, daughters" to tell them: "please speak, we need to hear your voices." And in a gala where Zach Gottsagen He has become the first presenter with Down Syndrome, and where for the first time the Academy has put a woman to lead the orchestra, there have been more diversity notes.

Janelle Monaé, for example, has opened the ceremony with a musical number where some of the dancers were dressed as characters from forgotten films with black protagonists or creators, such as 'Us', 'I am called Dolemite' or 'Queen & Slim' and it has declared proud to be a black woman and queer. And shortly after, when the creators of the animated short Hair Love collected their Oscar for this story centered on a black father who for the first time has to take care of combing his daughter, they have stressed the importance of representation, especially in a field like animation, vital in the training and education of the little ones.

Billie Eilish, Eminem and Gisela

After the performances of the five nominated songs, among which have highlighted the global version of 'Into the unknown' in which Gisela has participated and a performance of Cynthia Erivo that has put the entire Dolby theater on its feet, the Oscar has ending with Elton John and Bernard Taupin, creators of 'I'm going to love me again ", the song of' Rocketman '. Two other films have also had their moment of glory:' Little Women 'has won the Oscar for the costumes and 'The scandal' for makeup and hairdressing, and on stage they have also passed Eminem and Billie Eilish, who has performed 'Yesterday' to accompany the segment 'In memoriam'.

From this live we have told you everything that has happened at the Dolby Theater, from the glamor of the Red carpet Until the frenzy of the awards.


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