Oscar 2019: The man who put face to the dreams of Cuarón | Culture

To Luis Rosales, Rome it has only brought him happiness. "Really, I've never worked so close to a director as I have Alfonso [Cuarón]" recognizes this 38-year-old Mexican, actor reconverted, for less than five years, in director of casting of success. Not only thanks to his work in Rome: the talk takes place three days before the Goya, when Rosales went through Spain not because of the film Netflix, but to finish off the cast of the second season of the series The house of flowers. "There will be more Spaniards in it," says the man who also looked for the protagonists of Luis Miguel: the series. "It has gone well for me," she says with a laugh, "even though they arrived after Rome".

For Rome Cuarón left his cast in the hands of Rosales. "He gave me some precise instructions: the first is that all people resemble the originals and not only in the physical, but also in energy." I do not care how you do it, how you achieve it, but what I want is that ', he underlined me, "he recalls. "In return, he trusted me much more than myself, it was a great collaboration."

Rosales searched. "It was a very long process, tired and at the same time sobering, I experienced it with a lot of creative freedom and closeness, with a lot of discussion about the characters, Alfonso gave me pictures that I used as a reference, because of the real characters I only lived with Libo , your nana [que en pantalla se reconvierte en Cleo]. We saw 3,000 people just for Cleo in Chiapas, Veracruz, Oaxaca and Mexico City. Actually, it gave them no clue about the movie they were testing for. Neither them nor those who helped me, and we were eight months with it. I decided to find those faces in schools, gymnasiums, hospitals, I noticed the people with whom I crossed while driving ... ". casting confirms one of the great anecdotes of preproduction: "Yalitza I did not know Cuarón. When we passed a screen we invited her to Oaxaca and Aparicio arrived with all her family because of fear of the white slave trade ".

Does being an actor help your new profession? "Of course, if I looked for the truth as an interpreter, now I do the same thing from the other side". And does not the bug itch? "When I do one thing, I focus only on that, they offered me a character in Luis Miguel and I rejected it. I do not mix. "And from Rome he remembers in a very special way the tomorrow of the Oscar nominations, with two of the actresses entering the awards. "I felt immense happiness for them, and to a certain extent the confirmation that I had done my job well, but all the merits of Rome They are from Cuarón. "


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