June 24, 2021

Oscar 2019: the best moments of the gala | Culture

Oscar 2019: the best moments of the gala | Culture

The 91st Oscar Awards arrived and they did without a presenter to use. An edition that came quite animated after several decisions taken by the Film Academy in recent months that caused different controversies: they wanted to award a popular Oscar and had to back out, announced that several prizes (including editing and photography) would be given during the publicity break and after the popular clamor they had to retract, they chose Kevin Hart as host of the gala and some homophobic jokes came out that he made in the past by means and had to withdraw. The gala, choppy, with quite long speeches, left these highlights:

Queen opens the gala

What's left of Queen, that without Freddie Mercury is much, plus the singer Adam Lambert, they have opened the gala with two of their most famous songs and powerful, We will Rock You Y We are the Champions. As if pushed by an entertainer (Bradley Cooper did not smile and applauded until the camera focused on him), the assistants in the stalls have risen to their feet when they finished a weak and unworthy performance for the beginning of an Oscar (and for the rock history).

The trio that saved the start

With no one conducting the gala, the presenters of each award have had their good moments. To start, with the trio formed by Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who have made many think that why they were not hired to present the entire gala. The comedians settled in a phrase all the controversies of the previous months, with an indirect mention to Donald Trump: "There will be no driver tonight, there will be a popular movie category and Mexico will continue without paying for the wall [que el presidente de EE UU quiere construir en la frontera]"

The rabbit stole the plane

Melissa McCarthy (candidate for Best Actress tonight also Can you forgive me one day?) Also triumphed when going out to present the prize for Best Costume (which took Black Panther) with Brian Tyree Henry. She did it dressed in period, in the style of the queen of Lapre favorite (even with the scruffy wig) and surrounded (like the character in the movie) with stuffed rabbits. One of them was a puppet in his hand, which did not stop moving during his speech and with which he interacted constantly. The rabbit even "helped" the actress to open the envelope …

Bardem, Diego Luna and the Spanish

It was time to award the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film (it was for the Mexican Rome) and Javier Bardem and Angela Basset appeared on the stage. Bardem began and spoke only in Spanish, with Trump included, and with an immense smile: "There are no borders, there are no walls that stop talent and ingenuity, we celebrate the importance of the language and culture of different countries." Bardem was also one of the protagonists in the performance of Queen, very euphoric during the same. "You can already speak Spanish at the Oscars," said Diego Luna as he went out to present Rome with the Spanish chef José Andrés. "With you, a little bit of Rome", the Mexican actor finished.

The speech of José Andrés

Diego Luna and José Andrés have come out together to present the film Roma. Spanish, unlike Luna, has only spoken in English, and has done so knowing that he had an important message to drop very much directed to Donald Trump and his policy: "The life of each person is a recipe in itself with different doses of joy, sadness, struggle and success, love and loss, all ingredients are universal. " "This beautiful and intimate film, one that gives voice to the voiceless, reminds us of the understanding and compassion that we all owe to the invisible people in our lives: immigrants and women who make humanity advance," said the Spanish chef. .

And Spike Lee did the right thing

The American filmmaker has climbed for the first time in his career to pick up an Oscar (not honorific, he already has one). He has done it for his script adapted from Infiltrated in the KKKlan. The prize, physically, has been given by Samuel L. Jackson, who has not been able to suppress his joy by announcing the name of the African-American director. The first thing that Lee has done when collecting the award is to ask that they not turn on "the fucking watch" that chronicles the speeches. The filmmaker has reminded his ancestors "who created this country [por Estados Unidos]"" Love and wisdom unites us with them. We have to be all on the right side of the story. Let's do the right thing between hate and love, "he said.


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