Osasuna win in Mallorca and remain undefeated away from home

Osasuna players celebrate one of the goals in Mallorca.

Osasuna players celebrate one of the goals in Mallorca.

The Athletic Osasuna continues undefeated in his starts after defeating this Sunday for 2-3 to Mallorca with a goal from Javi Martínez in the 88th minute.

The end of the duel was exciting, with a penalty awarded in the extension time in favor of the Balearic team that was annulled by the VAR for a previous offside by Ángel.

The group of Jagoba Arrasate does not know what it is to lose away from El Sadar and he showed in Son Moix that he is a very difficult opponent to beat. He took an advantage through Cote and came back from a 1-2 (scored by Dani Rodríguez and Fer Niño for Mallorca) with goals from Íñigo Pérez (min.57) and Javi Martínez (m.88).

The rojillo team, who this Sunday wore green, took the lead in the 8th minute with an unappealable left foot from Cote Valdés against which Greif could do nothing.

The advantage in the scoreboard of the visitors reflected what was happening on the pitch, with a dominating Osasuna, vertical, looking at all times for the rival goal, and a Majorca more off and with problems to stop the offensive of the Navarrese team.

The local mismatch was fixed by Dani Rodríguez with a header that caught the entire rival defense off guard (m.11).

The Galician footballer showed many tables in the air by disturbing the vision of goal Herrera in a ball that arrived rained, first, and looking for the right space to head to the net, later.

The team of Jagoba Arrasate, with rotations and in which the Argentine Chimy Ávila debuted in the starting eleven, He did not give up his efforts to pursue Greif's goal. Manolo Reina's substitute under the sticks saved his team on a couple of occasions, the clearest one, a shoe from Moncayola (min. 12) that Greif deflected to the corner.

The Slovakian goal, however, could do nothing before the phenomenal hit of Íñigo Pérez in the launch of a direct free kick (min. 57). The ball slipped through the left corner of the goal making Greif's stretch useless.

Shortly before, the South Korean Kang In Lee, who signed a good performance, although to a lesser degree than the great game he made last day at the Bernabeú, left his place to the Ivorian Lago Junior. Later, Fer Niño, injured, was replaced by Abdón Prats.

The two teams did not give up the win in the second half. Osasuna was more cautious in their forays into attack, although they did not cease in their efforts to seek the three points and Mallorca, without slowing down, also fought for their options.

That faith in the victory of the Navarrese team bore fruit two minutes from the end with Javi Martínez's goal.

Nevertheless, Mallorca could tie in the extension time. The referee signaled a penalty in the visiting area that was annulled by the VAR when Dani Rodríguez was about to shoot it. The video refereeing appreciated a previous offside.

It was a cruel end for the team of Luis García Plaza, who always showed his face and is not having luck with injuries. The last to fall, Fer Niño.

Data sheet:

2 - Mallorca: Greif; Tailor, Valjent; Oliván, Costa; Lee Kang In (Lago Junior, min. 57), Babá, Salva Sevilla (Ruiz de Galarreta, min. 86), Dani Rodríguez; Amath (Ángel, min. 86) and Fer Niño (Abdón Prats, min. 61).

3 - Osasuna: Herrera; Areso (Nacho Vidal, min. 82), Aridane (Unai García, min. 69), David García, Cote (Manu Sánchez, min. 80); Javi Martínez, Moncayola, Oier, Íñigo Pérez (Rubén García, min. 69); Chimy Ávila (Kike García, min. 69), Darko.

Goals: 0-1, min. 8: Cote; 1-1, min. 11: Dani Rodríguez; 2-1, min. 48+: Fer Child; 2-2, min. 57: Íñigo Pérez; 2-3, min. 88: Javi Martínez.

Referee: Ortíz Arias (Madrid Committee). He admonished Fer Niño (min. 20) and Ruiz de Galarreta (min. 97), from Mallorca; and to Aridane (min. 14), Oier (min. 74) and Unier García (min. 93), for Osasuna.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the seventh day of LaLiga played at the Visit Mallorca Estadi before 9,359 spectators.


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