Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Osasuna appeals to the intensity | sports

In Berriatua, a Vizcaíno town of 5,000 inhabitants, there is a small soccer field and a huge pediment of a basket tip. During the great era of the American Jai Alai, of that locality, through which neither the train nor the highway pass, more than fifty pelotans left for Miami, Tampa or Mexico City, many of them, friends of Jagoba Arrasate, who , however, he preferred the ball, and after a modest career as a footballer he went to the benches. Almost despised in Anoeta, where he put the Real in the group stage of the Champions League and the following year in the Europa League, he descended a step and for three years headed to Numancia. In June of last year he signed for Osasuna. The reddish team was right to choose coach. Because after a year of transition, Arrasate, received with some distrust in Pamplona, achieved the goal of promotion to First, also with an unsuspected slack.

The rojillo team swept El Sadar. He got 19 victories in his field, 17 of them in a row. With an intense, brave and aggressive football, played at a high pace, with a lot of pressure, the Arrasate team connected again with the passionate grandstand of the Pamplonica stadium.

The coach, of course, will remain on the bench, trying to apply in the First Division the formula for success in Second, and with few changes in the workforce. Osasuna opts for a continuous policy, and although he has spent 13.5 million euros in the seven new additions, the bulk of the workforce is that of promotion.

Adrián López, arrived free from Porto. “He is a player with great experience, who has won titles, but at the same time is humble. He has come hungry. We understand that it can be a player that makes a difference for us, ”says Arrasate. The Ecuadorian Estupiñán has been ceded by the Watford. Darko Brasanac (Betis) cost one million euros, half that of Celta Roncaglia. For the lead, Arrasate can count on Huesca's scorer, Chimy Ávila, for which Osasuna paid 2.7 million to San Lorenzo, and Marc Cardona, who had little to Mendilibar at Eibar, and for which Osasuna pays him 2 , 5 million to Barcelona.

The most expensive signing of the Navarrese team is that of midfielder Rubén García, who arrived in 2018 with the season underway and became a key piece in the ascent to LaLiga, and which Levante could recover. However, Osasuna maneuvered to pay the three million euros that made him a full-fledged redhead.

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