June 4, 2020

Ortega-Smith encourages to join the “freedom marches” regardless of political color and warns of more mobilizations

Ortega-Smith has made these statements to the press in Madrid before the start of the march with which Vox intends to fill the center of the capital with cars against the Executive. “This is the mobilization of freedom and the right that we have to be able to express ourselves about a government that we consider criminal and has lied to us,” he defined.

In front of a bus with the colors of the Spanish flag prepared by the organization to lead the march, to which the main Vox leaders will get on, Ortega-Smith has insisted that it is not a “political” demonstration, but one ” vindication of the dignity of the Spanish “.

For this reason, he has encouraged all political parties and citizens who want to protest against the “unworthy government” of the coalition to join. “Whoever wants to join only has to take their car and mask,” he encouraged.

As he recalled, the protests against the Executive began with casseroles from the balconies and have been reproduced in recent days on the streets of many Spanish cities. “Today we go out with the cars and of course we will continue – he has guaranteed -. This is one more and we will continue going out into the street.”


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