August 12, 2020

Ortega Smith admits that he would support a government of the PPdeG if the popular need it in the autonomous regions of 2020

The number two of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, admitted on Sunday in Lugo that, in case "there was the hypothesis" that "the PP needed the votes of Vox" to form Government in Galicia after the next regional elections of 2020, the formation of Santiago Abascal would be willing to give them to "maintain its maximum" of "preventing the left from governing anywhere in Spain."

This Sunday, before a room that brought together more than one hundred supporters in the Palace of Congresses of Lugo, the spokesman for Vox in Madrid has tried to convince them to join the far-right party and thus strengthen their presence in Galicia.

On the last day, Ortega Smith was in Ferrol to say that the next regional elections are the opportunity to "end Feijóo's feud in Galicia" and a day later he has assured that they would give their votes to the PP, "but not by blank checks "But they would ask that a list of measures be complied with and the bars of ideological associations and organizations be dismantled."

In this sense, he also wanted to get into the car of today and said that one of the conditions would be "to dedicate all the economic resources so that there is not a single Galician population that does not have, at a reasonable distance, a health center with all necessary endowments. " A statement that pours a week after the closure of the Verín parlor (Ourense).


In the same room, Ortega Smith spent more than 30 minutes talking about "domestic violence", that is, gender violence; of the "defense of the homeland", the presence of the State in Europe and the "hatred" of which "media and political parties" accuse Vox.

From children to septuagenarians, among whom a large majority of men weighed, all have been paying attention to the words of number two of the far-right party. Upon arrival, they have received him waving small flags of Spain that the organization had placed in the seats.

While attendees shouted 'Viva España' and even 'Arriba España', Ortega Smith has taken the stand, in which he has defended "Spain and freedom", two concepts that he has reduced to what he understands by "love" to the "homeland" and the "freedom of opinion, expression or education" that goes against the "dictatorship of the single thought and the politically correct" that "progress" installed with a "censorship that the totalitarian regimes already wanted" has sustained.

In his speech he reiterated that Vox is "specialist in loading farmhouses" like the one he believes exists in Galicia. First, he attacked the former president of the Xunta Manuel Fraga Iribarne and "the linguistic abnormality" that the "law of linguistic normalization to impose Galician" meant.

Later, he addressed the current head of the regional government, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and accused him of saying that "he was going to defend the right to educate our children in freedom, but he did the opposite" or that "he was going to defend a project in Galicia as an inseparable part of Spain, but Mr. Feijóo started talking about it being a nation without a state. "

Faced with the scenario that has painted his listeners, Ortega Smith has once again bet on "ending the beach bar of the PP" in an autonomous election that he hopes will be called "as soon as possible" and in which he has anticipated that there will be representatives of Vox in The four Galician provinces.

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