August 9, 2020

"Ortega, listen, we continue in the fight," they shout during the funeral of an opponent in Nicaragua

The body of a Nicaraguan opponent, shot dead by Nicaraguan police officers during an alleged armed confrontation, was buried Monday in a public cemetery in the city of Masaya (southeast), amid cries and shouts against the Government of the President Daniel Ortega.

"Daniel, listen, we continue in the fight," shouted the friends, family and other people who accompanied the coffin of José Isaías Ugarte López, alias "Chabelo", when leaving the parish where he was held a Mass and while they were heading to a cemetery of Masaya, 28 kilometers southeast of Managua.

The funeral honors, which were attended by hundreds of people, became a demonstration against the Government of Ortega, and in which the deceased opponent was extolled, as Efe found.


"José Isaías Ugarte, present!", "Commander Chabelo, present!", "Chabelo, friend, the people are with you", shouted, among others, those who gave him the last goodbye.

The wooden box was adorned with a Nicaraguan flag, one of the symbols used by the opposition in the protests against the Sandinista government, which broke out in April 2018.

"Justice", "They are leaving, they are leaving!", "Democracy yes, dictatorship no", "Long live free Nicaragua", "What is the route ?, That son of a bitch goes", "The people together, he will never be defeated, "they shouted, among other anti-government slogans during the trip to the cemetery.


The tour was set by a philharmonic band that played popular music and "Amigos", the musical success of Brazilian Roberto Carlos.

The widow of Ugarte López told reporters that her husband was not a criminal, as presented by the National Police, but a man with a different thought from the Government.

The woman asked the international community to help Nicaraguans "stop this violence and these murders," and to help take Ortega out of power, who has been in the Presidency for 12 years and who he called "dictator."


Police deployed hundreds of agents in Masaya, one of the cities that has offered greater resistance to the Sandinista government in the context of the protests.

Ugarte López died with two other civilians during an armed confrontation with police in Masaya, according to the official version.

Police led by Francisco Díaz, consuegro de Ortega, identified the dead civilians as members of a gang of criminals known as "Chabelo", who allegedly killed two of their agents in two clashes this weekend.

Two policemen and three suspected criminals died this weekend in two clashes between armed civilians and police officers in Masaya.


The first shooting occurred when a patrol was attacked by armed civilians, with a balance of a dead policeman and two others injured.

The second crash occurred on Sunday, when traffic officers were shot from a vehicle and responded by killing the three attacking civilians, according to the police version.

According to the Police, the dead civilians belong to a gang of criminals known as "Chabelo", which is the same that attacked the first group of officers.

Masaya neighbors have said on social networks that "Chabelo" was a citizen who demonstrated against the Government of Ortega during the socio-political crisis that the country has been experiencing since April 2018.

Nicaragua suffers a serious crisis that has left 328 dead since April 2018, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), although some groups raise the death toll to 651, while the Executive only recognizes 200 and denounces a Coup attempt.

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