Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Ortega has no will to seek peaceful solution to crisis, according to doctors

Ortega has no will to seek peaceful solution to crisis, according to doctors

The so-called Nicaraguan Medical Unit on Tuesday told the government of Daniel Ortega not to have the political will to seek a peaceful solution to the crisis that erupted almost a year ago and that has left hundreds dead and detained.

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In a pronouncement, the Medical Unit accused the Executive of not fulfilling the agreements signed at the negotiating table regarding the restoration of rights and citizen guarantees.

"The Nicaraguan Medical Unit condemns the repression exerted by the regime on peaceful protest, the persecution continues, the people living a clear violation of the agreements signed at the negotiating table," said the group in the document read by its spokesman, the doctor Javier Núñez.

In the opinion of that Unit, the Government's non-compliance shows "the lack of political will of the regime to a civic and peaceful solution" to the sociopolitical crisis.

On Saturday, anti-riot and paramilitary agents assaulted a group of people demonstrating against President Ortega in a commercial center in Managua, a day after he had agreed with the extraparliamentary opposition that he would respect free assembly, concentration and mobilization.

Among the aggressors was retired military officer Germán Félix Dávila Blanco, an active member of the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), who executed a shootout and wounded three people and himself.

Although the police identified him as an old man who had no connection with the incident, the images showed the opposite.

"The government has declared war on the people, the people have no weapons, the only weapon that the people have is their dignity, their desire for freedom and the blue and white flag of Nicaragua that covers all Nicaraguans equally" , said the doctor at the press conference.

He considered that the Nicaraguans have demonstrated "an exceptional degree of civics" and that "the people are determined to make a change".

"The people prefer a minute of standing better than a life on their knees," he said.

The Nicaraguan Medical Unit read that statement from the headquarters of the non-governmental Human Rights Permanent Commission (CPDH) in Managua, where they also condemned "the kidnapping and temporary detention of Dr. Pablo Amaya and the constant siege suffered by doctors and family members of them in different municipalities of Nicaragua. "

"We demand that the right of mobilization, expression and cease attacks and illegal detentions to the population be respected," demanded the group, which according to its members, since the crisis broke out, have suffered aggression, dismissal, exile and persecution.

Nicaragua is immersed in a crisis as a result of the street protests that broke out on April 18, 2018 due to an unpopular social security reform.

The demonstrations demand the resignation of President Ortega after almost twelve years in power consecutively.

This situation has caused 325 deaths and hundreds of prisoners, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, although some local humanitarian agencies raise to 561 the fatalities, in addition to violent acts and attacks also on the bishops of the country.

The Executive only recognizes 199 deaths and denounces an alleged coup attempt.


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