June 21, 2021

Ortega advocates a “mechanism” that streamlines trade in Central America

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega pleaded Monday for finding a mechanism to streamline trade in Central America, stranded by the closure of Costa Rica’s borders due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Nicaraguan president vowed to find “a mechanism that will provide security for the same carriers,” Costa Rica and Central America in general.

Otherwise, the Sandinista leader warned, Costa Rica’s decision to restrict the entry of foreign truckers due to COVID-19, if resolved soon, will have a “humanitarian impact” in Central America.

“By fighting the pandemic, you cannot create a crisis and a pandemic that would have a humanitarian impact and that would ultimately affect the Central American population,” said Ortega.


The Government of Costa Rica asked Central America on Monday to prepare a regional protocol for biosecurity measures in the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic, to streamline trade, protect cargo carriers and modify the preventive measures it has imposed at borders. .

In a virtual meeting, the Council of Ministers of Central American Economic Integration (Comieco) asked Costa Rica to suspend the application of the measures adopted since last Friday and which came into effect this Monday that restrict the entry of foreign carriers to Costa Rican territory.

The situation has caused an agglomeration of cargo trucks on the borders of Costa Rica with Nicaragua and Panama, as well as regional unrest, including the Costa Rican export sector.

As a solution, Costa Rica asked Comieco to prepare a regional protocol for biosecurity measures of best health practices and scientific evidence.


Ortega urged to find a quick response that regulates, regulates and allows the flow of trade, because the transit of goods from Panama to Guatemala and vice versa is being affected.

He indicated that 1,010 cargo trucks are stranded on the Nicaraguan side of the border, most of them from Guatemala and that they cannot enter Costa Rican territory.

“What is needed is greater coordination on the subject of the pandemic,” acknowledged the Nicaraguan president, who has been criticized for the management he is giving to the coronavirus.

The measures taken by the Government of Costa Rica establish that only foreign carriers in transit are allowed to enter, that is, those who go from the border with Nicaragua to the border with Panama or vice versa. This tour is done in police custody.


Foreign carriers whose purpose is to deliver product in Costa Rica, may only enter the facilities of the land border posts to unhook the cargo and deliver it to a Costa Rican truck.

The truck can also be disinfected and delivered to a Costa Rican driver.

Official data from the Costa Rican Ministry of Health indicate that since last May 8 it has prevented the entry into the country of 50 cargo carriers who tested positive for the COVID-19, the majority on the border with Nicaragua.

In addition, there are 11 Nicaraguan drivers with coronaviruses who have been barred by Nicaragua from re-entry and are receiving care in Costa Rica, according to Costa Rican Health Minister Daniel Salas.

The Nicaraguan Executive has been criticized by various sectors for promoting massive events and crowds, contrary to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), and for not establishing restrictions or suspending classes in the midst of the pandemic.


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