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Organic production marks a record in Catalonia, with an annual increase of 5%

La producción ecológica marca récord en Catalunya, con un aumento del 5% anual

The agricultural area dedicated in Catalunya to ecological production In 2018 it grew 5.02% in relation to the previous year, reaching 210,818 hectares. Two thirds of this area is meadows, pastures and fodder dedicated to the feeding of organic livestock. Of the surface of organic crops, 41% is dedicated to the vineyard, followed by olive trees (20%), extensive crops (18%), nuts (8%), fruit trees (3%) and vegetables (2%) . According to the annual report presented on April 1 coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Catalan Council for Organic Production (CCPAE) by the Department of Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

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Between 1995 and 2018, the area certified in organic production has multiplied by 42, from 5,000 to 210,000 hectares. In this same period, the number of operators of organic products has gone from 236 to 3,859.

Evolution of organic production in Catalonia

Evolution of organic production in Catalonia

The CCPAE president, Daniel Valls, stressed that "in these 25 five years, organic production has gone from being testimonial to becoming an important sector in Catalonia; all now look to the eco sector to make the conversion, to introduce new products, healthy, of quality, and respectful with the environment ".

The data and results of the CCPAE 2018 also confirm this positive trend, with a 20% growth in the billings of organic agricultural products in 2017 (last fiscal year accounted for), compared to the previous year, reaching 584 million euros.

During 2018, operators registered in the organic sector increased by 8.92% compared to the previous year, reaching 3,859. By type of activities, the operators that grew the most were the marketers (21.8%), followed by importers (12.24%), vegetable producers (9.37%) and processors (8.41%, including retailers). ).

Trend of a secotr in rapid growth

Trend of a secotr in rapid growth

In livestock, it is worth mentioning a slight growth of farms (+ 1.53%), which reach 927. Although beef cattle continues to be the most established, with 470 organic farms, it is worth noting the increases of other children such as the pig (+ 30%), meat poultry (+ 17.14%) and beekeeping (+ 16.67%).

In the act of presentation of data, the Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Jordà, said that during these 25 years not only have grown and diversified certified production of organic agri-food products but also has been the awakening and growth of consumption of organic food in the internal market of Catalonia. JEC


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