Orders to the Civil Guard: they are not "pickets" they are "activists"

Two agents of the Civil Guard speak with the members of a picket / Eph

Various commands of the Civil Guard receive instructions not to consider the protests as a “strike” and to toughen the treatment of the participants in the strikes

Melchor Saiz-Pardo

The Civil Guard, through emails and WhatsApp sent to various commands and posts of the armed institute between Friday and Saturday, is ordering the agents to toughen the treatment of the strikers, both semantically in the reports and in the police actions themselves. A response from the State Security forces and bodies that until now the Executive has considered too lukewarm with protests that, according to the Government, are encouraged by the extreme right.

In one of those emails to which this newspaper has had access, sent at 1:43 p.m. on Thursday, a lieutenant chief of a Spanish province orders all his subordinates, "following directives from superiority," to immediately change the “terminology” that is being used in the “submission of news”. «As of the receipt of this email, in the list of statistical files in relation to the stoppage of means of land transport that began on the 14th of this month, the term 'strike' will not be used, being replaced by 'stoppage'. ', just as the term 'picket' will not be used, using 'activist' instead.

The communications to the members of the armed institute to be much more forceful with the strikers and to urge that any incident be reported are also happening through chats and messaging, according to what JUClL, the largest professional association of the body, denounced this Saturday.

"Illegal Gathering"

“If there are detainees/investigated/injured, report immediately. If there are more than 20 people, report that it is considered an illegal meeting and it will be reported to law 4/2015 (sic) (gag law). Any traffic cut must be solved immediately, ”point out the messages that are being bounced in the last hours from the command posts.

In these communications to the deployed civil guards, the commanders warn that next Monday may be "crucial" and that the agents must report "if it is known if the activists are going to Madrid to demonstrate."

In the messaging, in which those responsible for the device ask the agents to be "proactive" and to "convey calm", they also reveal that they are going to "remit" what they describe as "suspicious license plates" and ask the officials to They are on the roads that are especially aware of the "rest areas where there may be trucks" in the face of the "possible presence of activists."

The head of JUCIL, Ernesto Vilariño, insisted this Saturday on the "extraordinary concern" unleashed in the body by the fact that "Interior demands more forcefulness from the Civil Guard to restrict the rights of transport strikers." “We are very concerned about the orders that our colleagues are receiving to change in the reports and news of the strike, the term pickets by activists and the reference strike to strike,” said JUCIL Communications Secretary Agustín Leal. .

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