'Order', a project against imperialism

A moment from the work 'Order', by the Democracia collective. / C7

The group Democracia, with its work 'Order', is part of the 'In Good Company' project that is exhibited at Schamann until June 3

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Democracia is an artistic collective that emerged in Madrid in 2006, made up mainly of
Ivan Lopez and Pablo Spain, that began from the discussion and confrontation of ideas and forms of action. His work 'Order', made in 2018, is included in the international communal video exhibition entitled
'In Good Company. Films by International art collectives', curated by the creators and members of the PSJM collective, Cynthia Viera and Pablo San José, which exhibits the work of half a dozen artistic groups that value the commitment to art made collectively.

The group, which has collaborators from different creative or thought fields, launched 'Order' commissioned by the Station Museum in Houston in 2014, where the owner and director, James Harithas, proposed that they literally do "a project against imperialism », according to the members of Democracia.
"It is an analysis of the capitalist order that sustains imperialism, that is, of the relations of domination that are established and the resistance to them," they explain.

The very fact of working in a group establishes an interest in intervention in the social sphere. That's why Democracy works
as a node of interests grouped temporarily for the development of the same objectivewhich is approached from different perspectives: those of each of the participants in the project, these being both the different agents and producers that make up the aforementioned group (permanent and occasional) as well as specific communities with which a collaboration is established.

As well as the rest of the works that participate in the exhibition 'In Good Company',
'Order' is political video art, although it has the peculiarity of being a project that is divided into three acts using the opera as the only narrative resource. The choice of this musical genre associated with classical music is not something casual, but premeditated, as Iván López comments. «We have handled as a reference the epic or dialectical theater of Bertold Brecht and his musical collaborations with Kurt Weill and Hanns Eisler, of a marked ideological nature, because our original idea was to enter the spaces of the elites and confront them. In this way, opera as an expression of high culture allowed us to enter that space without the disruption that a genre of popular culture, a priori of a 'combative' nature, adds Pablo España.

On May 5th, at CCA Gran Canaria, the members of the Spanish artistic group will present precisely to the public 'Order', an opera that starts from Hesiod's poem 'Works and Days' to create a scathing and effective lyrical treatise on the evils of capitalist society.

In addition, 'Order' has another peculiarity:
«It is a project that not only focuses on a single location, but on several. As the project took shape, we saw that we could develop something more complex and that, in addition, it could be expanded in different scenarios. Although we started working in Houston for the Station Museum commission, other art institutions showed interest in co-producing 'Order,'” says López.

Each location has its reason. "The first act corresponds to Houston because of its character as the world capital of the oil industry, one of the engines of American imperialism," they argue. «On the other hand, Dublin, in which the second act takes place, is produced by the Rua Red art center and takes place in a shopping center in a suburb of the capital, whose purpose was to introduce the concept of the middle class as a consuming class. Finally, the third act, promoted by the Apolitical Foundation, deals with the confrontation between the aristocracy and the working class, and was shot during a private dinner with true representatives of these elites, in the exclusive Dorchester hotel in London, " Spain advances.

Pablo Spain and Ivan Lopez. / c7

The resistance to the domination established in capitalism

«Our intention with 'Order' has been to present the established relations of domination, and their corresponding resistance, within the capitalist system sustained by an imperialist past. Through video art, the difference in class has been reflected, between those who have and those who have not. The dominant worldview is the one that establishes the neoliberal story and there is no outside of capitalism, but this is still a product of the control of the subjectivities that capitalism itself produces, "says Pablo España.

According to España and López, the 'In Good Company' project focuses specifically on the nature of collective work and the theoretical and experimental framework proposed by each participating group. For this reason, they highly value "the importance of intersubjectivity in creative processes from experimental practices of video or expanded cinema, so necessary in such a homogeneous and pacified artistic landscape," concludes Iván López.

Democracia also works in publishing (they are directors of the magazine 'Nolens Volens') and in curating ('No Futuro', 'Madrid Abierto 2008', 'Creador de Dueños', 'Arte Útil').

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