May 29, 2020

Orchestrated Neighborhoods acts in Geneva to help refugees – La Provincia

The Orquestados Barrios social project, which includes students from the peripheral neighborhoods of the Canary Islands, will act next November 15 in the Frank Martin room in Geneva in favor of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), whose headquarters are in that city .

Orchestrated Neighborhoods is invited by the Violoníssimo Foundation, an elite music school that has its residence in that city and organizes the event in collaboration with the UN. The project director, José Brito, said the training will offer his "most kaleidoscopic repertoire" in which he will be present "from Romeo and Juliet from Prokofiev to the traditional Russian song Black eyes, going through the Saber dance of Aram Khachaturian ". Brito made these statements during the presentation of the end of the training season in an act in which he was accompanied by the director of the Theater Auditorium Foundation, Tilman Kuttenkeuler, and the Minister of Culture of Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Guacimara Medina. The director recalled that Violiníssimo has an agreement with the UN, in addition to a collaboration agreement with the organization that is responsible for helping the refugee through music.

"The concert emerges as an act to reinforce that confluence between the organization and the UN. And from there they thought we could participate as a social project that goes along a line that defends all humanitarian actions."

Brito stressed that a total of "fifteen students and five teachers" will travel and "they will also receive classes from the biggest musicians in Switzerland for a week." The repertoire "is intended, not as a concert to use, but will be open to a very varied audience", with a total of seventy minutes in total during which there will be exclusive interventions by Orchestrated Neighborhoods, other students of Violoníssimo and a repertoire that they will play together.

According to him directorWith this experience, young people will have the opportunity to "show their group work with other musicians in Europe" as they will play a total of eighty performers from Switzerland and the Canary Islands.


The director also highlighted the important part on the part of the students of "feeling that they are helping other people", because "the action becomes something bigger when it is going to reach other human beings who are going through serious situations".

Orchestrated Neighborhoods will offer four concerts in the Canary Islands next week. The first will take place on Sunday, November 17, at 7:00 p.m., in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, where he will offer interpretations of the neighborhoods of Tamaraceite, Ciudad Alta, Agüimes, Jinámar and Riscono. In addition, attendees will be fully immersed in southern rock, thanks to the participation of the Red Beard group.

The second will be on Saturday, November 23 at 7:00 p.m., in the Loyal Theater from La Laguna where the students of the neighborhoods of Ofra and La Cuesta-Finca España will participate, where they will show the work done every day in their classes and a performance that will be covered by the creativity of singer-songwriter Víctor Lemes.

Finally, the third and last one will be in the Auditorium of the Jameos del Agua of Lanzarote on December 1 at 7:00 p.m., which will host the interpretation of the students of the neighborhoods of Argana and High view, which will be accompanied by the musician and singer-songwriter Arístides Moreno.

Brito recalled that the project has obtained, from the Ministry of Social Rights, the Canary Government, the second prize for the Young Canary Islands 2019 collective prize, for his work.

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